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Book Review: Mannlicher Military Rifles

We really liked the last book we reviewed by Paul Scarlata (German Gewehr 88 “Commission” Rifle), and so we decided to grab another one off the shelf. Today, it’sMannlicher Military Rifles, and Scarlata does another excellent job. Mannlichers have been very cheaply available here in the US in the form of M95 and M95/34 carbines […]

Fiocchi Ammo Catalog and a New Sponsor

We are happy to announce that we have added Berger Bullets as one of the official sponsors of Forgotten Weapons. Berger makes an excellent lineup of match-grade bullets for competition, hunting, and tactical use. They are a favorite of serious competitive shooters, and will serve you very well whether you are dropping prairie dogs at […]

Steyr Semiauto and Holster Giveaway

Unfortunately, we are having a few technical difficulties at the moment, so the blog isn’t running at full speed. With some limited access, I figure this is as good a time as any for a couple photos that I don’t have much background info on: an early Steyr semiauto rifle design.

If you know more […]

Video Book Review: Textbook of Automatic Pistols

Every pile of dusty old books you find at a gun show has a zillion reprints of Cartridges of the World and how-to pamphlets on stock refinishing from 1960. But occasionally you’ll find a real gem in those piles – and this book is one of the gems. Written by R.K. Wilson and published […]

Steyr 1912 Video

We have another video to post today – this time about the Steyr 1912 handgun, aka the Steyr-Hahn. We have one in the Reference Collection that we are going to disassemble and discuss, so please join in: