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Dolf Goldsmith and his 37mm Bofors

Dolf Goldsmith is one of the coolest old-timer gun folks we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is he a bona fide expert on a wide range of firearms and a prolific author (having written the definitive books on the Maxim and Vickers guns and now five volumes on the Browning machine gun), […]

Afghan Heavy Weapons

A reader named Robert sent us a few photos of captured weapons in Afghanistan – and we always enjoy seeing this sort of thing.

First up, a Chinese Type 77 .50-cal machine gun. This uses a feed system copied form the DShK and locks with the same Degtyarev flap system as the DShK (as well […]

Vintage Saturday: Danish Technical

Can’t you just see these zipping around piles of burning tires in the streets of Copenhagen?

Yep, it’s a 20mm Madsen automatic cannon – circa 1936. And check out that bull bar in front!


Oerlikon 20mm manual

The Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft cannon was widely used by naval and air forces during World War II, by countries on both sides. It is a fairly well-recognized weapons, with a characteristic offset 60-round drum magazine. You might think that an automatic 20mm cannon would require a pretty secure locking mechanism to withstand the pressure from […]