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Vintage Saturday: Premature Anti-Fascists

When the choice is Fascists or Communists, Astra machine pistol is a pretty good answer.

Canadian volunteers of the Mackenzie–Papineau Battalion in the Spanish Civil War, armed with with grenades and Mauser Schnellfeuer machine pistols or (more likely) Spanish-made copies thereof.


Czech vz.61 Photos and Catalog

Thanks to reader Denny, we have some more information on the Czech vz.61 “Skorpion” PDW, including pages from a CZ catalog advertising three different versions of the gun for sale. These three variants are:

vz.61 – the original version, in .32ACP (7.65mm) feeding from curved 10- and 20-round magazines. Has select-fire capability. vz.83 – a [...]

Book Review: The Fighting Submachine Gun, Machine Pistol, and Shotgun

I’ve really enjoyed spending this summer shooting some unusual old guns in “practical” type matches, both because it’s simply a lot of fun to do, and because I think it can really help give some insight into how those older guns actually performed in combat. Well, it turns out (not very surprisingly) that I’m not [...]

Prototype vz.52 Machine Pistol

In light of our recent video on the HK P9 (and comparison to the Czech vz.52 pistol), I though it would be interesting to take a look at an interesting prototype machine pistol. This was commissioned by a man named Henk Visser during the 1980s (when machine pistols had a brief flare of popularity) although [...]

Russian APB Silenced Machine Pistol

Soviet Spetsnaz Guns, Part II

By Maxim Popenker

Soviet APB silenced machine pistol

As discussed in a previous article on the PB pistol, Soviet Spetsnaz troops played a key role in Soviet military doctrine, in both local operations (mostly in third world countries such as Afghanistan) and in possible global war in Europe. In [...]

PM-63: Poland’s First PDW

Today we have another guest post, and this time Leszek has really outdone himself. The subject is the Polish PM-63 machine pistol…

PM-63: Poland’s First PDW

by Leszek Erenfeicht

Almost twenty years before the West went PDW-crazy with advent of the micro-caliber rounds that made the concept viable at last, a machine pistol was created [...]

Lercker machine pistol

We don’t have very much information on today’s forgotten weapon, which is an Italian machine pistol designed by a gunsmith named Lercker. He worked for Beretta, but also had his own shop, where he designed this pistol.

Lercker machine pistol (click to enlarge)

What makes this design unusual is that it’s chambered for the [...]

Brazilian PASAM Machine Pistol

We’re happy to have another guest article for you today, this time written by Ronaldo Olive of Brazil. This was originally printed in Combat Handguns in the 1980s, and we’re reprinting it with Ronaldo’s permission – thanks, Ronaldo! Folks looking for Portuguese-language reference books should definitely check out the several ebooks Ronaldo has available on [...]

Stechkin APS photos

The Stechkin APS was available with a collapsing stock and suppressor, for extra-sneaky uses. Thanks to Max Popenker, we have a couple photos of the combo:

Stechkin APS with suppressor and stock

Stechkin suppressor disassembled

These and a couple more are available on the Stechkin APS page in the Vault.


Stechkin Automatic Pistol

The Stechkin automatic pistol was adopted by the Soviet military in 1951, alongside the Makarov pistol. Both are chambered bot the 9x18mm Russian cartridge, and both use simple blowback mechanisms. The Stechkin is a heavier and bulkier pistol, though, as it is designed for fully automatic fire.

The Stechkin uses a 20-round magazine as [...]