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German 75mm Pak-40 AT Gun (Video)

While we normally stick to small arms here, this beast of a gun was just way too impressive for me to not pay attention to. I was at a cannon and machine gun shoot just recently where some folks brought out what is (I believe) the only functional Pak-40 in the United States. And shot [...]


I’m on the road today, and don’t have a proper post ready – sorry! I’ve been hanging out with some folks into artillery, so I will distract you from the lack of content with a couple photos of a WWI German minenwerfer. This is a 7.58 cm Minenwerfer n.A. (new model), of which more than [...]

Need a Gunsmithing Project?

As you may have noticed, Defense Distributed has been in the news quite a bit in the last few days since the State Department decided that their posting of single-shot pistol plans violates ITAR regulations. I love the idea of a 3D-printed functional firearm, but I don’t expect many of the folks reading Forgotten Weapons [...]

Book Review: A Gun For All Nations

I ran across a mention of this book while trying to find some information on this 37mm Hotchkiss machine gun – and this book was the only reference I could find any mention of it in. Robert Mellichamp has taken on a pretty daunting task; documenting the history of the 37mm gun and ammunition from [...]

Dolf Goldsmith on $5 Finnish Mortars

We have another piece today from our interview with Dolf Goldsmith, this time on the subject of $5 Finnish mortars used for fun and profit. Well, actually just for fun. To clarify one of Dolf’s comments, I believe these mortars were Soviet made, and Finnish captured – the Finns used mortars made by both the [...]

Vintage Saturday: Desolation

A scene right out of Tolkien’s Mordor…but real

US soldiers of the 23rd Infantry with a 37mm M1916 Infantry Gun in France, circa 1918.

Vintage Saturday: Stinkin’ Badges

They may not have any stinkin’ badges, but they are definitely Federales.

Published in Osprey’s “The Mexican Revolution 1910-20″ book, this photo postcard shows a very rare Hotchkiss 37mm automatic cannon. It was designed to compete with the Vickers Pom-Pom, and apparently was only bought in small numbers by the Mexican Army and the [...]

Dolf Goldsmith on Crimes with Destructive Devices

For those folks who have been asking about Dolf’s health, we are very happy to report that he is recovering quite well from surgery, and is as active and upbeat as always. While some of his plans have been thrown understandably askew, he is planning to be at the Big Sandy shoot this spring.

We [...]

“Enemy Weapons” of Germany – Part V

Don’t forget, there are still several days to enter our DVD giveaway – we’re giving away two copies of our recent Machine Gun Manuals DVD (worth forty bucks each!) – and you can get one!. To have your chance at winning, just post a mention of the giveaway and a link to the DVD page [...]

Vintage Saturday: 2.95″ Vickers Mountain Gun

His machete is nearly as big as the cannon…

An American crew with a Vickers Sons & Maxim 2.95″ Mountain Gun in the Philippines. These were pressed into service against the Japanese as late as WWII…