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Vintage Saturday: Everyone Likes Kittens

And kittens love anything that can be batted at.

The lighter side of war – German soldiers in a halftrack playing with a kitten and their MG34 mount (note the periscope optic. Photo from


Vintage Saturday: Trench Periscope

German soldier using a somewhat primitive trench periscope with a Mauser rifle, circa 1916 (photo from Drake Goodman)

Japanese Aerial Gunnery Camera

I got an email recently from a producer of a TV program who is looking for a vintage photo of a Japanese aerial gunnery training camera – specifically a Type 89 Rokuoh-Sha:

He wants something showing one in context – mounted on an aircraft, with some trainees or pilots, or that sort of thing. [...]

Vintage Saturday: Mission Critical Equipment

Ja, even zee anchor is essential equipment! (photo from Drake Goodman)

A German WWI pioneer displays (rather sarcastically) the gear he has to carry – complete with wagon, ladder, 2-man saw, naval anchor, axe, sledgehammer, and pipe (click to see the full size version). The more things change, the more they stay the same…


Browning 1919 Experimental Belt Box

About a year ago, I wrote a post about some Browning 1919 feeding devices that were patented but never went into production. Well, reader Alex found photos of one of them in the Springfield Armory archives. Thanks, Alex!

It’s a belt box designed to be clipped onto the top cover of a slightly modified Browning [...]

¡No Pasarán!

I’ve been doing some reading a researching on the Spanish Civil War in preparation for an upcoming month that will be dedicated to that conflict and the arms involved in it (which include virtually everything in military use in the first half of the 20th century). One particularly interesting item just arrived last night:

Remington Model 8 Extended Magazines

After posting the video on the Remington Model 8 last week, we received an email from reader Rod, whose grandfather was an auxiliary police officer and something of a gun nut. One of his rifles that Rod inherited was a Model 81 modified by Remington to use extended (15-round) detachable magazines. We have a few [...]

Swiss Stripper Clips?

I’m getting in a selection of Swiss straight-pull rifles to do some shooting and video work with, and to my surprise it looks like everybody is sold out of them (Numrich, Sarco, Liberty Tree, etc). Only Northridge has them in stock, and they want $20 each (gak!). If anyone has a few they would be [...]

Vintage Saturday: Bark!

Really, how am I supposed to bite Russians wearing this thing?(photo from

Finnish dog wearing a canine gas mask during the Winter War.

StealthGear Onyx 1911 Holster Giveaway

I recently reviewed a new holster for – a pretty swanky hybrid kydex design by a new company called StealthGear. They’re calling it the Onyx, and I came away very impressed by the design and the workmanship. It’s stable and conceals well, and it does a very good job of ventilating heat and sweat [...]