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Bren Magazines and the Charlton Rifle

We see it a lot – folks wanting to convert their Enfield rifle to use 30-round Bren gun magazines. And it’s often a bit difficult to convince them of the complexity of doing so, because they will often point to a photo of a Charlton with what appears to be a Bren mag. Well, the […]

Australian Electrolux Charlton

As we mentioned earlier this week in the Charlton Automatic Rifle article, the Australian government expressed an interest in converting rifles to Philip Charlton’s self-loading design. Charlton spent several months in Australia negotiating the deal, and it was eventually decided that the Australian manufacturing company Electrolux (which made primarily household appliances) would produce the guns, […]

Book Review: Special Service Lee-Enfields

To go along with the week’s focus on self-loading Enfield conversions, we have a copy of Ian Skennerton’s Small Arms Identification volume #13, Special Service Lee-Enfields: Commando and Auto Models. It’s only about 47 pages long and predominantly on the silenced de Lisle carbine, but also includes information and some photos on all the different […]

Live Charlton Reproduction

Are you one those odd people like us who saw yesterday’s post on the Charlton rifle/machine gun and thought it would be really great to own one of them despite (or, let’s be honest, because of) how ungainly they look? Are you a resident of New Zealand? If yes, you’re in luck – in Christchurch […]

Charlton Automatic Rifle


Charlton Automatic Rifle reproduction (currently for sale at Gun City in Christchurch, New Zealand)


The idea of converting bolt action rifles into semiautomatic or fully automatic designs is not a unique one. It used to come up fairly regularly – most national armies investigated the concept at one time or another in […]