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Book review

Book Review: The Dutch Mannlicher M.95

May 31, 2012 Ian McCollum 3

In the 1880s, the Dutch decided that their single-shot Beaumont rifles were obsolete and needed replacement. They started a program to modify them with 4-round magazines, and simultaneously set about finding a more modern rifle […]

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Mannlicher 1901 Carbine Video

July 11, 2011 Ian McCollum 3

The Mannlicher was one of the early automatic pistol designs, and like most such guns, a small number were made as carbine variants. This particular one is the first prototype 1901 carbine (you can see […]

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Mannlicher m/1901 manual

July 6, 2011 Ian McCollum 3

Probably the least known of the early automatic pistol designs is the Mannlicher. The design went through several stages, starting as blow-forward action, followed by a fixed barrel and finally a delayed blowback in several […]