WWI P14 Sniper photos

From our friend Steve Hill at Spotted Dog Firearms, we have a good set of photos of an original World War I Winchester (as a result of British trials, it was determined that Winchester made the most accurate rifles, and only Winchesters were used in sniper conversions) P14 rifle converted to sniper use by the British. Unlike many P14 snipers, this one was not arsenal reworked after WWI, which makes it particularly interesting. The scope is the correct type, made by the Periscope Prism Company (and in excellent shape).

P14 Sniper barrel date
P14 Sniper - correct 1917 barrel date under the rear handguard
P14 Sniper rear sight ear
P14 Sniper rear sight ear marked with serial number (scope bases cover the original serial number marking)
P14 Sniper rear sight
P14 Sniper rear sight - correct fine-adjust type (Winchester proofed)
P14 Sniper volley sight base
P14 Sniper volley sight base - volley sights removed for sniper use

You can see all the photos here (or download the complete gallery as a zip archive):

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  1. A little known fact was that Sergeant York did not use the 1903 (sorry Gary Cooper) but used that type of dog-legged Enfield rifle.

  2. Check the deep serrated trigger … looks nice !
    What caliber is it chambered in … .30-06 or .303British ?

  3. I wish my P14 was like this. I’ve got a Remington made in ’16. It’s my nicest rifle. I love these things, I just wish they were a tad lighter (which was the main complaint by both the British and American soldiers that carried them).

  4. I’ve been curious for a while, what form of reticule did the P14 Sniper use? I’ve never been able to find a definitive answer, let alone see one of these rifles in person (while M1917s are relatively common, P14 snipers are not something you come across at the local gun show or the range very often).

  5. The pattern 18 scope had a post and cross bar. The post was pointed and the reticule was engraved on a glass plate.

  6. All right guys, I own a plain P14 in .303 cal, no scope but it shoots with sniping precision as is…; besides its own glory, when we are talking about a sniper’s version, please write “canadian snipers in Ortona battle” in a search-engine like Google and wonder which P14 sniper configuration
    you find in the hands of the canadian soldier on the right-hand…. a rifle equipped with a scope also mounted on 1903A3…uh uh ! All in all I shall be grateful for any info on that scope which seems to be US made, no doubt.
    Thanks from Venice, the original lagoon in Italy, no fake…

    • I realize this response is about seven years late, but… It appears the scope is a Warner & Swasey M1913 Musket Sight, which sights were originally mounted on Ross Mk III rifles in WWI, and later transferred to P.14s and used in WWII. There is some discussion in
      and you can find some more with a web-search for “p-14 rifle with warner & swasey scope” or something similar.


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