Wrapping up a Road Trip…

Sorry guys, I don’t have any content to post today. I’m writing this from the airport, en route back home after an extended trip. I spent several days in Vegas for the annual DefCon hacker convention (filming some material for the upcoming Secret Project), a bunch of time at Rock Island Auctions doing video on items in their upcoming Premier auction, a quick stop at the Rock Island Arsenal Museum (which has an amazing collection I will absolutely need to spend a lot more time with), and a visit to Simpson Ltd. I met a whole bunch of great folks, and got a ton of material on tape that I will be bring to you before long.

In total, I have footage for 17 videos from RIA, and they will all be published prior to the September 13th auction – so you can expect a cool deluge of video content in the coming couple weeks. I did everything from really funky home shop conversions to early experimental pistols to the cream of the crop, papered FG-42 and MKb-42(H) machine guns. Very cool stuff.

The visit to Simpson Ltd was shorter, but equally enjoyable and productive. I put together a video touring their shop and facilities (the place is another of those warehouse type environments just filled with fantastic items), including a chance to see their laser engraving machine in operation. No less impressive was the basement collection of .22 German training rifles – more than 1100 of them – that are the basis for what will be a massively extensive reference book on the subject.


  1. WOW!!! Sounds more like a ‘WORKation’ than a ‘VAcation’…looking forward to the results…interesting photo of you and that FG42 I mentioned a few weeks ago…lucky you…you got to handle it…thanx for the hard work and dedication, my friend…

    CB in FL

  2. Thanks for the updates, Ian — I’m certainly looking forward to those upcoming articles.

    Simpson’s Ltd. is an excellent company to deal with, in my experience. They tell you up front exactly what you are going to be getting with no sales fluff. I have heard some people complain that they are a bit pricey, but the range of available vintage firearms and service is outstanding and worth a few extra dollars. Frankly, I don’t think their prices are unreasonable at all considering what is involved.

  3. Ahhh, Ian went ‘wild’ again…. to benefit of all of us. I like that bottom pistol out of three in the top picture. It looks slick; what model is it?

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