WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Opening a Crate of Ethiopian Rifles

When Uli at InterOrdnance told me that he had crates of French rifles arriving from Ethiopia, I had no choice but to show up to take a look firsthand. So, want to see what this Ethiopian surplus looks like fresh out of the crate? Let’s have a look…


  1. Love the video!!! Great chance to see the “very deliberate padded packing” contents! (Note: with smirk/smiley face)…I guess a few scuffs were added during the Ethiopian air handling ! Nevertheless, glad to see such opportunities for surplus!

  2. Whatever happened to the goat featured in some of the photos? It seems like You should’ve gotten at least one goat in a deal as significant as this. RTI doesn’t have a solitary shop goat, and I think their lives are diminished by that.

  3. Yo dawg we heard you like Ethiopian rifles. So we packed your Ethiopian rifles in Ethiopian rifles.

  4. How are these imported? What is the process? I was having to go through all sort of hoops just to get a Chauchat magazine from France.

    • If you poke around and find the importer’s website, you will see the variety of pieces that are coming in. Ian has had other videos to show M1 Carbines from this source for example.

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