What is UTREON? The Best Place to Watch Forgotten Weapons…

Utreon is a growing video platform that combines the functions of both YouTube and Patreon, without the problems of either one. I have no plans to stop using either of those, but I think Utreon has the potential to be superior to both and I would like to see it grow and mature. If you are interested in being on the forefront of a cool new platform, check it out!

Forgotten Weapons on Utreon

Utreon main site

Utreon for content creators


  1. Obnoxiously requires a login to watch the video, then loads a half dozen urls to prevent an easy return to this site. But i dont have a lot of patience so i may be missing something.

  2. Rather mirror your videos to Odysee. And if you really need my money, there are already enough (better) alternatives for Patreon and GoFundMe.

  3. I don’t go to Youtube to watch Forgotten Weapons, I go to Ian’s website and if that site sends me to Utreon that’s fine with me. Unless Utreon asks me to login for no apparent reason. A login is a good idea for an account that offers extra’s, but I am not interested in those. I pay for his books*, that should do it.

    * highly recommended.

    • Utreon should only ask for a login if you do something account related, such as commenting, voting, favoriting, etc. If you are encountering it anywhere else, please let me know.

  4. UTREON needs more or better serves for our part of the World as it just lags / stalls while watching. The same too most of the time with Bitchute. Yes, I am in New Zealand. But that is still no excuse. Early days maybe? From a Loyal follower of Forgotten Weapons, InRange and Oversimplified.

  5. The threat of deplatforming by some hosts is real, and back up locations are essential, and if feasible should become primary locations.

    I have tried watching on Utreon several times with C&R and your posts, but really am not happy with them as a viewer. They are usually slow to start playing, will freeze for “loading” for long periods, and often will have the image lock up and then jump forward while the audio continues. Better than nothing, or as an emergency backup, but a frustrating user experience.

    I may switch my Patreon support over to Utreon at some point, and will try to watch on Utreon to see if service improves.

    Good on ya for prudent planning, and I hope this is a workable solution in the long run.

    • Very good question. I think for the time being just posting a link to the alternative video site in case he gets kicked off of YOuTube or if someone does not want to watch from YouTube should be good enough imho. Ian used to also cross post his videos on Full30.com, but that site seems to stumble along and I have not been watching there for a few years now. Mostly, because less and less videomakers seemd to post their videos there (IAn among them) and the servers and other services did not seem too great either. And it has changed hands a few times. I think? I did not follow it much anymore. So yeah, let’s see how this Utreon is going to work out.

  6. Utreon doesn’t appear to have an RSS feed. Youtube have one, although they hide it to make it difficult to find. Bitchute have one as well. The forgottenweapons.com web site has an RSS feed, and I’ve been using RSS with it for as long as I can remember.

    Everything that I watch or read, video or text, on a regular basis I follow through RSS. That way I don’t have to go from site to site to see if there is anything new, my RSS reader checks for me automatically and a quick glance tells me if there is anything interesting. It’s then just one click to open the webpage or video in my web browser or skip over it if it doesn’t interest me.

    I would recommend that Utreon set up an RSS feed for each channel so that people can get notifications of new videos that way. Depending on Facebook and the like to distribute notifications puts you in the same position of risk as Youtube when it comes to content policies, and counting on people to remember to go to Utreon to check for updates is not a good idea when they are not the dominant player in the market.

    RSS is decentralized and has no gatekeepers. Each person decides for himself which individual RSS feeds to follow.

    • Maybe you should write Utreon and ask for the RSS feature?

      I use and love RSS for like two decades now. RSS (or Atom which is similar) are great ways to keep track of websites and so slim on overhead. Just a handful of bytes, which also makes it great for mobile use. Much better than having some website aggregate everything for you. And keep track of what you are interested in and keep that to themselves. Of course they can block user from receiving notifications, too. Or shove something into your feed you do not want. Too bad, that Firefox does not have a built-in native RSS feed reader anymore, which makes it an extra step to install one that most users do not take sadly. Chrome and its derivatives do not either (well okay there may be some Chrome derived browser that does), but there are extensions for Chrome. Which then also necessitates to look into the extensions so as them not to snitch on you… Oh well. The WWW used to be such a fun place.

  7. I checked out Utreon and decided to sign up. Unfortunately the site would not allow me to create an account. I’ll try again later.

  8. “…not cool…”(С)

    We’ll see what comes of it.
    All these video reviews are a good help to accompany really worthwhile projects, but this is not the kind of material for which you can take money.
    Money can be taken for something material. Even if it’s just another paper brick, you can at least put it under a broken sofa leg.

    In general, in my memory, petty greed is one of the main reasons for the premature death of many worthy projects…

    you have to get a passcode sent to your email just to long in to the damn site on your phone?
    its way to cumbersome and annoying AND cost a shitload more.

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