What Are Some of the Best Investment Handguns?

Today I’m joined by Len Antaris of Historic Investments to discuss, well, historic investments. I maintain that firearms are better bought for their historic value than as speculative investments, but there are certainly plenty of people who do both. So, Len and I figured we would discuss what we both think makes a particular gun a good candidate for this sort of investment.

You can follow Len’s own videos on his Historic Investments channel here:


  1. Odd statement near the end. Inflation may be bad, but SKS prices have still far outpaced it – all the more so if you got one for $49. I got mine in the 90s for $100 (almost exactly $200 today).

  2. First, for the young starting collector: Get a C&R. The first hand gun I bought when I turned 21 was a brand new Gen 2 Glock 17. My second was a used HK P7M8 with box, 4 mags all paperwork and test target. $425 OTD. WIN. Lots of WW1 & 2 1911s and others. I’ve seen everything go up, and we haven’t started talking NFA!

  3. There are some differences between the “Military” and “Civilian” M-17. Sights, barrel hood, recoil spring. The under side of the civilian slide also has more steel machined out of it then the military one. On the frame, it’s just the slide lock.

  4. Hi,I would like to know if my 2018ish Coonan 357 magnum 1911 classic with walnut grips would become something of value in Yeats to come. It is unfired and mint& boxed. I mite also add it is the only one in my country.

    Kind regards

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