1. This is almost certainly a set-up for a photo-op. The gun is not emplaced in a prepared position or even behind natural cover, the gun team is clustered too closely together for comfort and their uniforms are too clean.

    The big handlebar mustaches would have been quite fashionable for the early 20th century as a sign of manhood, as they were during the preceding Victorian era.

    • Yeah, I’m sure it is a staged photo. Still interesting, though – it shows how the team was supposed to set up and what everyone’s jobs were. I’ll see if I can find a non-staged shot of a team in action to see what they did differently in real combat.

  2. Big mustaches were popular in the US in the early Maxim era, although they were beginning to fall out of fashion. Didn’t see too many pictures of Western outlaws and law enforcement officers without a handlebar.

  3. Most likely a ‘publicity photo’ meant for home consumption…showing the Brave Serbian warriors defending the homeland from the barbaric invaders with the new-fangled gun that spits out death like the devil’s breath…

    CB in FL

  4. The belt is definitely in the wrong side of the gun. Having seen many instances where photographers have set up photos incorrectly, I suspect that these guys are not the proper gun crew but a group selected for their appearance!

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