1. GREAT PICTURE … Typical of the stoic Brit! There may have been a lot more transit survey tripods available than aircraft mounts for this type of use. Not a uncommon thing when developing new ideas.//Mike//

  2. I suspect he is using that setup for bird watching. I can’t think of a better arrangement for capturing birds in flight on film.

    • Good idea, and a practical usage for the device in question. On a lighter note, perhaps the birds in question are rather lucky it was just a gun camera and not the real thing, given the subject’s somewhat determined expression :)!

  3. Coastal sand dunes, the peeling paintwork of a shabby British seaside hotel or large golf club house, smart casual dress which apart from the pipe, wouldn’t look unusual today, and the ultimate in steam punk toys…

    I haven’t a clue what he’s doing there with that camera, but the whole thing reminds me of this man:

    his other stuff is good too.

    • Keith, many thanks for the link to the video! Incredibly funny — tongue-in-cheek commentary, facetious historical vignettes, subtlety, stock-in-trade self-mockery and the obvious all rolled into one — simply marvellous.

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