Vintage Saturday: Legislators

Legislators with guns
From back when the Feds were actively encouraging private citizens to invent better weapons. What a novel idea!

Photo from the May 1940 weapons testing at Fort Belvoir. From left to right, Senator Lundeen (MN, Farmer-Labor) with a Johnson rifle, Rep. Snyder (PA, Democrat) with an M1928A1 Thompson, and Senator Thomas (OK, Democrat) with an M1 Garand. Photo from Bruce Canfield’s Johnson Rifles and Machine Guns.


  1. It’s a pity that most of the legislators of today have no interest in, or hands-on experience with, firearms. If they did, they would have a much better understanding of the varied complexities of firearms ownership, and this might actually give rise to safe, sensible and effective firearms regulations rather than the constant recriminative bickering that is going on.

  2. Oh for the days when there was not professional class of politicians who were representatives and patriots not self appointed “lawmakers”.

  3. Wow, back then they even knew which end to keep that thingy forward… Nowadays, there’s this lady from the Senate (fortunately forgot the name) who says, that ARs and rifles shooting CARTRIDGE THAT POWERFUL should never get into hands of the civilians. No problem ma’am, keep you potent .223 Rem, I’ll rest perfectly happy with a purely civilian, legitimate hunting rounds like .30-06.

  4. .

    You mean like back in the good old days when you could mail order a M1928A1 Thompson, or any other firearm?
    “” = two things. (1)Population Control, (2)Death!

  5. I think the lack of encouragment for innovation from small-time actors is that the big industry players, the military and the established politicians have a very cosy arrangement presently. The sordid details of this sometimes leak out into the press, but there is near zero political will to shake things up.

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