1. Cool. fairly late in the war, as that’s a Pz.Kfw. Mark IV with the long barrel L/70 75mm gun. So post 1943 at least. Great image. I have to admit, “Vintage Saturday” has become my favorite part of the page….

  2. Thats the L/48, the Pz4 never carried the L/70.
    The L/70 was the Panther gun and also used on the jagdpanzer 4.

  3. The Т-IVH tank was called just Maibach in Bulgarian service. This picture was taken on a parade in Bulgarian capital Sofia on 2.XII.1944. After a Communist-led coup on 9.IX.1944, Bulgaria left the Axis and declared war on Nazi Germany. For couple months, Bulgarian Army fought alongside Soviet Army against Germans. The sign “Нишъ” on the tank marks a Serbian town of Nish, place of a major battle for Bulgarian Armored Brigade in October’44. The big (red?) X was used as a identifier, as German and Czech-made tanks of Bulgarian Army were often target of Soviet friendly fire.
    To further the drama and controversy of those days, the ruins in the background were caused by Allied bomb campaign before Bulgaria switched sides..

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