Video: French Military Centerfire Revolvers

Today we’re look at the two main French military centerfire revolvers – the model 1873 and model 1892. These both served for many decades with French troop around the world, and they’re interesting designs. I may have been dubious at first, but I have to say that aside form the weak cartridge I wouldn’t object carry either one compared to any of their contemporaries.

We would like to thank Greg at Allegheny Arsenal for providing the model 1873 for this video. You can see Allegheny’s web site over on the sidebar, at – they have some great parts and accessories for older machine guns.


French Model 1873 revolver in 11mm with an assortment of ammunition
French Model 1873 revolver in 11mm with an assortment of ammunition


French Model 1892 revolver in 8mm with an assortment of ammunition
French Model 1892 revolver in 8mm with an assortment of ammunition


  1. What is the third from left 11mm cartridge? Seems like it’s rimless and it looks like a gauge rather than a cartridge.
    How is the far left 11mm cartridge being loaded into the cylinder (I guess it’s significantly longer)?

  2. The third from the left. is that a small shotgun shell? 🙂 more info on this one please! 🙂

  3. The 1873 is also an iconic movie weapon (for me at least) since Brendan Fraser prominently used two of them (bored and restricted to .45 blank) in ‘The Mummy’ (1998).

  4. Question. Is there a configuration of this pistol out there that can shoot our modern amo like 38 special. I think it’s a very cool piece of history. Thanks

  5. I have a Model 1873 French revolver. Where can I get
    11mm ammo for my revolver. Thanks for your reply in

  6. I recently got an 1892 revolver, 8mm, I think, that was taken off a German soldier by my father-in-law during WW2. He got it in 1945 and it shows a manufacture date on the barrel of 1894. It is in remarkable condition and will stay in my family as a part of our history. Pretty cool.

  7. Concerning the Markings in every piece of the Gun, it is a consequence of the Paris Commune of 1871 (
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  8. I just purchase a 1892 Ordnance revolver dated 1897 and a 1874 (officers model) dated 1878 from difference people close to the same shape. I have noticed others also in excellent condition. Apparently the French were experts on keeping un-issued in beautiful condition a lot of ordnance revolvers… a lot of these pistols are darn near factory new. Of course I don’t know what they fought with…oh, yes, hundreds of thousands of Rubys.

  9. I have 14 rounds of professionally reloaded 11 mm pistol ammo. It is loaded with black powder. I would like $30 shipped for them

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