Utreon: Good Video Hosting for Both Viewers & Creators


I have mentioned Utreon before, but I want to take a moment to do so again. The site continues to grow and improve, and it has a bunch of features that are actually better than YouTube and Patreon – something virtually no other alternative hosting site can claim.

Utreon is fundamentally a combination of independent video hosting and voluntary paid channel subscriptions (YouTube + Patreon). In a nutshell, its benefits are:

– Political & technological independence
– Based on transparency and fairness
– Solid featureset
– Real investor capital to allow it to build a sustainable model as it grows
– Not gun-specific

Utreon is still a small site, tiny compared to a behemoth like YouTube. But it continues to grow and improve, and it is a solid platform for creators to use and earn income on today as a backup or an alternative for a YouTube channel.


  1. Hi Ian, could you add a link to the corresponding Utreon video to each new post on forgottenweapons.com, not just to the corresponding Youtube video?

      • Utreon have added an RSS feed, which is good, since as a minority platform they can’t count on people manually logging in to see if there are new shows and RSS is an open standard way of following content creators wherever they are that isn’t reliant on the big tech companies.

        However, the feed doesn’t distinguish between regular and higher tiers, so you don’t know if you will get the video or a “not found” message.

        They need to split the feeds into the same tiers as whatever access levels they have. People on the higher tiers can then use the RSS feed link to be taken to a log-in page while people following the public video feed won’t get an RSS notification until the video is actually viewable.

        The way they have it now, your tier 2 videos simply go to a “video not found” page when followed via RSS.

        I have followed Forgottenweapons.com via your own RSS feed for years, so that isn’t a direct problem for me, but I thought you would like some feedback for Utreon improvement.

    • My experience with Youtube subtitles is that I’m better off trying to listen, than read.

      I speak tourist-level German and Spanish, but despite not being fluent in either language I recognize a lot of errors in YT’s subtitles. I wind up arguing with the video instead of watching the content.

  2. Sounds good to me as stated but who initiated it? I’m in the dark about most technology but know that the government always gets involved at some point in time.

  3. Dear Mr. M:

    I am aware of a comment you made to the Polenar Tactical guys to the effect that adding a daily link and comment to this website is a burdensome extra task in your busy schedule. I have followed this website since back when there were individual page numbers (when I discovered you, I spent many sessions clicking the “back” button). I have looked at, if not read, every single page, including stodgy documents and many guest posts. Simply out of habit, or loyalty, I always come here first.

    I also prefer the level of commentary I find here to the usual YT rants. I trust that many of your paying customers come here too, and that the YT views that originate here still count toward your YT numbers. In any case, your hard work is well appreciated, and this site as a website is appreciated — I visit here almost daily. I hope Patreon, Utreon, and whatever else comes along in the future, work out successfully for you and your viewership. I apologize for asking you to work just a little bit harder, but do please keep up the work here, too. Many thanks for all the information you bring us.

  4. Right now, (13th Aug. 18.30 BST) YouTube is showing 3 forgotten weapons videos, up to ‘Desert 2 Gun…’ . That are not visible on Utreon; which is only up to ‘Poland’s Problomatic…’. I is not competing with anything if it is 3 day old news!

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