USAS-12 at the Range (w/ the Fun Switch)

The USAS-12, made by Daewoo in South Korea, is one of the better box-fed shotguns available (I use that term loosely; there are not that many of them around). It was available as both a semiauto and a fully automatic model – although the semiautos were arbitrarily defined as Destructive Devices in 1994, and must now be registered as such. The fully automatic ones were already registered and were not impacted by that rule. While I have shot a semiauto USAS-12 before, I’ve not had the chance to try the full auto one…until today!

The USAS-12 is a really quite smooth and controllable shotgun in full auto. It has substantial recoil, of course (especially when running something like the full-power buckshot we used today), but it has a very long bolt travel and it’s a heavy gun. The magazines are its Achilles’ heel, as with most box-mag-fed shotguns. If you have one, stick to only high-quality magazines from Daewoo (the original manufacturer) if you want it to run well.

Thanks to DSA for giving me the chance to shoot this!


    • It’s on History of Weapons & War T.V… It’s a very big gun, but shoots ok; probably due to it’s size “Says he fired full power buckshot” the point of it, not sure. Fair slow fire rate, don’t know use wise… Maybe as some sort of “Drone” smart mine. Directed Claymore… Via some sort of electric mount. Identifies folk and smokes them, happy future for mankind. He he.

      • Parking enforcement via Boston Dynamics four legged robot. Good afternoon my mame is Martin I am employed by NYC council to eforce traffic violations. “Hey feck off buddy.” Said barrel pops out of it’s chest, you have 4 mins and 59 seconds to comply… 4 minutes and 29 seconds… “Ok ok” Please use contactless payment I don’t take change. “What” 3 minutes and 9 seconds. It is about that sized of a gun with the drum mag, eh.

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