US Arisaka manual

During the Korean War, the US military converted thousands of captured Japanese Type 99 rifles to .30-06 caliber for use by South Korean forces. They also wrote a technical manual on the converted rifles, which has become a pretty rare item to find. We have a copy courtesy of a Korean War vet who brought one home.

US Arisaka manual

Check out our Manuals page for the entire collection of original manuals.


  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I am enjoying your site. Saddly, the link to the US Arisaka Manual doesn’t seem to work. Does it happen to say how to drop the hammer on the Arisaka rifle without dry firing? I have heard there is a way, but can’t figgure it out.

  2. Years ago I bought a Reprint aof this manual. In this reprint was a second parts list called

    SNL Z-22 ORD 7-8 & 9
    Rifle, U.S., Type 99,
    Japanese Cal. 30

    It shows differences in some parts (upper band, rear sight and other)

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