Update: Pistols of the Warlords Book

Copies are still available at Headstamp Publishing

An Update on the Status of Pistols of the Warlords:

We are very happy to announce that all of the operations in China for the book are complete. The books are all printed and bound, packaged, and on boats heading for the US. They are coming in several different shipments (we are talking about many dozens of pallets) with arrival currently scheduled for the first week of August. I wanted to have the Collector Editions ship out to buyers first, but unfortunately the Collectors ended up being the last batch to ship. We can’t justify delaying everyone else’s books while we wait for them to arrive, though. As soon as the first shipment comes in to our warehouse, we will start sending them out to you. Please be aware that because of the volume of books to send, it will take 2-4 weeks to get all the orders shipped.

“Arming the Dragon” is fully printed, and currently being bound. That’s happening in the US (only a few miles from our warehouse, actually), and it will be finished well before the main books arrive. Everything else (maps, cocktail sheets, patches, posters, bookmarks, etc) is already in the warehouse ready to go. So we should have everything out to you in August.

Thank you all so much for your patience during this process. It’s been a frustratingly long endeavor, but the finished books look magnificent, and I know you’ll forget about the wait once you have them in hand!


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    yet is readily available on YouTube.

  2. Bless your heart, and your book is the subject of wild enthusiasm…but speaking of Arming the Dragon, was it necessary to give the production business to China? That is, how much more would it cost to produce in USA?

    • I mean, it’s a book about Chinese pistols, rather appropriate it should be printed in China – and there’s more than a little subversion there – look what you used to do, in home workshops…

      • Mr. M. mentioned in an interview elsewhere that the US paper shortage forestalled any printer in North America from even offering a bid.

  3. Very cool book with very cool detailed description. I would like to erase my memory and read it again. Since childhood, I have been fond of weapons. I recently wrote about childhood for college, you can find more here info. There I described everything that I remembered, namely all toy guns, weapon stickers and much more. When I remembered, tears came to my eyes, as it was like recently, but so many years have already passed.

  4. I just received my purple signature edition. Absolutely awesome piece of work!

    I think the combination of the graphic design and scholarship sets a new standard in gun books. Kudos to all involved in this effort. My sister, who is not a gun person, was very impressed when I showed it to her.

    I don’t really have any interest in French rifles, but I’m beginning to wonder if I should get a copy of Ian’s book on that topic.

    I found the opening description of the historical context fascinating. I already knew tiny bits of the story, but Ian has woven them together in a most enjoyable fashion.

    One of my few regrets in life is I am unlikely to live to read all of Ian’s books. In fact, it would be a huge loss to the world of firearms if something happened to Ian.

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