Tour of Sport Systems Dittrich: Reproduction WWII German Rifles

I recently had a chance to visit Sport Systeme Dittrich, a firm in Germany that manufactures high quality reproductions of German World War Two small arms. They were the manufacturers of the PTR-44 Sturmgewehr copies about 10 years ago, and they are now working with a US partner (DK Production Group) to import their guns into the US. The first one to be ready here was the BD-38 (copy of the MP38), and the StG-44 will be the next one coming…


  1. Very interesting to see that SSD is still in operation. There were indications that they’d gone quiet.

  2. Very cool guns, amazing how much can be produced in such a small shop.

    Any word on the P18 pistol, their take on the Steyr GB? Last I heard from DK was “soon” for importation approval, but that was several years ago and their website appears to be down. Magazines were supposed to be available in original 18 Rd capacity as well as an extended 30-something version. If SSD can get them over here for substantially less than the $200 going rate for originals there are many GB owners who would buy them.

  3. I have a Steyr GB along with a Steyr SPP and one of the PTR STG 44s. Can’t wait to see more repros, not to mention a few useable magazines at a good price. Original mags tend to get a bit pricey.

  4. Thank you for the great work, very informative as always, Thanks! Really, Really sad to see no replica G/K 43….Too bad!
    I wish to High Heaven we could get ANY of these in Canada, never happen though.
    Thanks as always Ian! Cheers-JHW

  5. Ian, what happened with gunlab and their project in making & selling 50 vg 1-5 replicas ?
    You loaned them a high speed camera…

  6. For no readily apparent reason, I find myself wanting one of those modernized FG-42s. I find myself wanting on badly.

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