Thoughts and Prayers

We have just heard that Dolf Goldsmith suffered a serious heart attach yesterday, and is now in surgery – we do not know his prognosis. Dolf has been heroically fighting all manner of health issues for the past year, and we wish we had the power to just heal him. We don’t, of course, and so all we can do is let him know that our thoughts and prayers are with him, along with those of the whole collecting and machine gun communities. Get well, dammit! You need to finish that next book!


  1. Dolf, don’t do this to me… First Uncle Bob, and now you? No way! I can’t afford loosing mentors at this rate, really. Get well, soldier, that’s an order.

  2. Although I don’t personally know Dolf Goldsmith, I would still like to extend my best wishes and heartfelt prayers to him, his family and his community. I hope that he will recover to live a long and fulfilling life and be there for all of us, just as we will be there for him.

  3. I consider Dolf Goldsmith today’s foremost firearms researcher and author. I certainly hope he recovers soon.

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