The Worst AK Build I Have Ever Seen, Bar None

This AK was purchased by someone I know, and it is so utterly awful that I just had to put it on camera. I’m obscured the name of the shop that did the build because I don’t know the circumstances, how long ago it was done, and if the builder still has any affiliation with the shop – and I don’t want to bring down the wrath of the internet on someone. Instead, let us simply marvel at the carnival of failure that is this .223mm “Krink”…


    • I’m confused. Was this a legal build done in the US and sold in a gun shop? Or, was this a hobby gun that got loose on an unsuspecting world? Either way, I would have expected a lot of ramifications. At least, a guy with an eye patch beating the hell out of a bankrupt gunsmith. It kind of boggles the mind.

      I’ve seen similar work seized in Africa and Philippines. Including a Victory S&W with Wesson spelled “Weson”. But those were one offs from the village mechanic or small rebel operation.

      Thanks for sharing. And, I’m very glad you still have all your fingers.

  1. What the f*** is that. Whoever built that abomination should be forced to fire a mag through it while everyone else stands behind something big and concrete.

    • For safety, I recommend this be fired by lanyard and the weapon be clamped to prevent it from running away during the event. Let’s not throw more vitriol.

  2. It just shows that no gun (design or build) is totally idiot proof. Of the ‘standard’ AKs (obviously these almost endless). Prior to this, the worst that I am aware of is reputedly the Communist era Romanian.

  3. So, presumably the builder is an SOT, who has a laser engraver (223MM), but can’t afford a couple hundred dollars in AK build tools.

  4. I’d be amazed if it actually fed a second round.

    By comparison, in Improvised Modified Firearms, Truby and Minnery showed an SVT-40 in 7.62 x 53R that had been altered into a sort of AK On Steroids by the VC. It had a folding stock, pistol grip, shortened barrel, sheet-metal receiver housing, and fed from an 0.303in Bren 30-round magazine. It apparently worked quite reliably, even though modified to selective fire.

    They did however misidentify it as an AK copy made from parts of shot-down U.S. aircraft. Maybe that was where some of the sheet metal came from, IDK.

    Still, even though it was one of the VC’s “jungle workshop” masterpieces, it fed, fired, and did everything else an automatic rifle is supposed to do. And it was light-years ahead of this thing in quality of workmanship.



    • It is possible it was not converted to full auto, as almost 1/4 of SVTs were made as AVT-40 full auto capable versions.

    • The gas block blew off on the first shot, apparently, so…i doubt it.

      Consider that an unintentional safety feature

    • “Looks like it was put together in JR. High metal shop”

      Don’t insult metal shop students, I took Jr High Metal Shop and we did better work than this – this is a disgrace to gunsmiths everywhere. Like Ian Hogg’s verdict on the 95mm Infantry Howitzer, “The carriage looked like it had been run up by the blacksmith’s apprentice – while the blacksmith was out”

  5. All criticisms aside, think of all the savings in carry weight, strategic metals, etc. from those .223mm cartridges 😉

  6. Seems given for repair to a butcher type gunsmith and taken earlier without the expected job been done.

  7. It almost reminds me of the Chinese mystery pistols you show from time to time but even more poorly built.
    The hand made guns from Pakistan and the Philippines look factory made in comparison to this.

  8. Tape a quarter to in and pitch into the nearest very deep lake. And for those who don’t why you tape a quarter to it, that is so you can honestly say you lost something.

    • You would expect a Khyber Pass blacksmith to at least squash a few rivets properly and file a semi decent handguard slot, I mean, that’s like 2nd week apprentice work.

  9. That belongs in a museum. It could be the crowning glory in a exhibit of the mighty and varied works of the legendary Bubba. I’m actually kind of serious…

    • The builder went to even more trouble than that. What nobody seems to be talking about is it has the third pin for the auto sear. If it is indeed a registered machine gun, SBR rules don’t matter.

      • I stated had alot of pins. Everyone else had to see it but didn’t want to mention for fear of getting ion in trouble. I guess.

  10. kinda reminds me of that Chauchaut magazine bolt action somebody gunsmited for you Ian. Yeah I spelled it Gumsmite, cause thats what they do smite the gun.

    • Oh, Mark did 1st rate work on the Berthier. Turns out it just doesn’t work, which is the same thing the French found out – which is why they dropped it.

  11. I guarantee the barrel was first worked on in a shop, and when bubba got home, he realized the OD wouldn’t accomodate the gas block, so he took a grinder to it.
    Prolly same with the bolt

  12. Weapon of choice scenario, horrible/obscure weapons edition!! Strictly off topic and intended only for entertainment.

    Oh, no. I’m stuck in the middle of yet another mess, having gotten lost in the deep, dark, and horribly foggy woods. After taking refuge in a conveniently-located-safe-house, I’ve assessed the situation as “hopeless beyond all reason.” Why hopeless? I’ve only got two clips of cartridges left for my M1917 Enfield long rifle. What was I fleeing? Uh, how about thirty killer rabbits of Caerbannog (Monty Python reference…) that some idiot paradropped on our base-camp?! Well, rabbits aside, the good news is that there are plenty of guns and huge reserves of ammunition in the safe house (and about enough food in the cellar to feed a full platoon for up to a week). The bad news is that the guns are not the greatest ever built.

    If you’re stuck with me, get something off the rack and start shooting those killer rabbits!!

    1. Moschetto Automatico Revelli
    2. Original 1915 Chauchat
    3. Ross Mk III with bayonet fixed (thankfully, no mud here)
    4. 7,62-мм самозарядная винтовка Дегтярева обр. 1930 года (Daweo, help!!)
    5. M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
    6. Bergmann M1902 heavy machine gun
    7. Type 100 Flamethrower
    8. Muddy Romanian AK
    9. Phoenix Arms HP25A
    10. Request a supply drop and hopefully the rabbits won’t get you!!

    You are not required to fend off killer rabbits if that doesn’t suit your train of thought. Please keep any and all criticism humane and free of foul language.

    Thank you,


    • Cherndog that would be type 100 flamethrower followed close by the M30 Luftwaffe drilling every time with no4 shot in each barrel then saving the rifle one for myself if i miss!

      • Make sure your lettuce is fresh and free of pesticides if you want to distract the rabbits. I’m certain that the rabbits are smart enough to tell good produce from bad produce (and they will figure out who sent bad lettuce; the last guy who tried poisoning the rabbits was reduced to a miserable pile of bones).

        • I think having staghounds along as well would help once the bunnies got distracted by the lettuce. My staghound is a veritable critter catching and munching machine and might be attracted to the bones then drawn off by the rabbits.(I’m totally impressed staghounds are on this forum!). Staghounds are a darn site cooler than this krink.

    • “(…)7,62-мм самозарядная винтовка Дегтярева обр. 1930 года(…)”
      This weapon was self-loading, has 5 round magazine and accepted Mosin strippers. Barrel length 630 mm, overall length 1170 mm, mass 4800 g, quantity of parts after full strip 76, muzzle velocity 830 m/s.
      Prototype testing showed numerous defects: high mass, high misfire chance (6…8 %), extractor often broke, uneasy loading, sight tended to loss alignment, there was chance of safety lever catching objects and thus go from SAFE to FIRE without user knowing, weak furniture
      Nonetheless test batch for troop trials was ordered. When they were tested before acceptance chance to not fire was found to be above 25%. Moreover it was found that mechanisms required manual making by high qualified machinist. It was dropped from production in 1932 year.

      From В.Е. Маркевич Ручное огнестрельное оружие

  13. I have a follow up question. I don’t know the circumstances but did the owner not at least field strip this abomination before firing it? Surely just the sight of that bolt would suggest live ammunition was a bad idea?

  14. So the problem is that what if the rabbits paid feral woodchucks to tunnel into the cellar
    That means you have to find some Tunnel RATS armed with silenced smith and perhaps weson revolvers

  15. For all the many obvious faults with this gun, it would be interesting to know, if the problem with the self-ejecting gas block could be solved, it would actually work.

  16. The Firearms Humane Society must be informed of this! (I guess Mark Novak watches Ian’s videos already)

    Sheesh. This thing is so horrible it can only serve as an example how not to do it.

    • Come on…
      Most parts are taken from the original AKS-74u.
      In the hands of a competent gunsmith, a device can turn out no worse than from Peshevar.
      And perhaps not worse than those AK that they do in the USA. 😉

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  18. Rejoice, Brandon The AK Guy reached out to the owner of this poor rifle and fixed it for them free of charge!

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