The Most Ornate Knife-Gun You Will Ever See: CM-1 “Dragon”

Combination knife-gun devices have been popular for hundreds of years, spurred initially by the single-shot nature of early firearms. The designs evolved to incorporate revolver cylinders when the revolver was invented, and remain interesting to people even to the present day. Global Research And Development (GRAD) of Las Vegas manufactured the CM-1 combination knife and revolver in the 1990s. Where most such weapons are not disguised, the CM-1 design hid the revolver and barrel mechanism inside the grip of the knife, leading to it being classified as an AOW (“any other weapon”) under the NFA.

A latch on the back of the grip allows it to open up, exposing a 6-shot cylinder chambered for .22LR cartridges and a barrel ending just above the blade or the knife. The trigger is a double action only squeeze type lever on the bottom surface of the grip which is locked in place until released for firing.

GRAD made the CM-1 in several different variations, including multiple blade styles, a rifle-mounted bayonet type, a blade-only version without the revolver, a fancy decorated model, and this one of a kind extravagantly embellished “DRAGON” example, complete with 102 embedded diamonds.


  1. Too much bling and a hidden gun in the knife!? How does anyone expect this not to get snatched by ATF!? Oh, wait, it’s too impractical for use as a gun.

  2. A more practical way to use something like this would be the so called inverted or “ice pick” grip, which would allow you to point the gun more easily without twisting your wrist too much. It is also a very viable knife fighting grip and actually more common than the “normal” grip in historical sources for knife and dagger fighting.

    • “very viable knife fighting grip and actually more common than the “normal” grip in historical sources for knife”
      Soviet NR-40 knife
      also know as ZIK knife (after manufacturer name) has guard design for that grip. Historical tidbit: these knives lead one of Soviet tank division to get nickname Schwarzmesser Panzer-Division

    • Are you suggesting the idea of “shoot first and then stab” as to prevent the intended victim from blurting your position? I hope you have a suppressed knife barrel or captive bolt cartridges for that!!

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