The KP-15: Now in OD Green for you Forest-Dwellers

KE Arms has finally pretty much caught up with the demand for black KP-15 monolithic polymer lowers, and now has the time to put out a limited run of them in OD Green (virtually identical in color to Magpul green). They will be making 3,000 of these and they will be shipping in about 4 weeks. They can be pre-ordered at KE Arms’ web site. Brownells will also be offering the full WWSD-2021 lower in OD Green, although it may not be listed when this video publishes.

I opted to put mine (KE gave me this preproduction sample) on my Brownells BRN-605 reproduction that I took to Desert Brutality 2019. I think it makes a really cool combination with the OPD camo tape on the upper assembly…


  1. What would Stoner do? Maybe stay original to his design and not muck about with plastic where aluminium is a better bet?

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