The CZ75 Automatic Isn’t On YouTube. Here’s Why…

All the best firearms history channels streaming to all major devices:

I created History of Weapons and War as a way to not just ensure a place to host and view historical and educational firearms content, but more importantly as a way to support the whole community of people who create this type of content. I have been fortunate that Forgotten Weapons has become large and successful, but many of the other channels in this space are far smaller. As YouTube continues to restrict monetization and content in general, it is very difficult for those channels to grow to a point of self-sufficiency. History of Weapons and War is my attempt to create a platform that not just hosts this material, but can give creators the option to make their channels full-time self-sustaining operation, and to help raise the next generation of new creators – something that you simply can’t do on YouTube the way you used to be able to.

If you are passionate about firearms history, development, and education, I hope you will consider subscribing!


  1. It’s fine for established channels.
    But it’s an echo chamber.
    There is no “outreach” beyond existing subscribers.
    Using this model does not introduce channels to the general public.
    Actually, beyond monitization, it seems to do less than You Tube

  2. This sounds like a really smart project. Of course you are competing with all the other content that we appreciate for factual and historical content.Good luck!

    • Should work; why not? Excellent, informative info; lots of resources etc, folk. Invite Nikky Dandelion… Give her a gun from 1898. Why. Well I don’t know; historical firearm recognition training. Why not. Internet content creators. Youtube. Stick together. He he. She might like guns from 1898.

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          • @JohnK;

            There was an opinion in there somewhere? all I saw was Pdb’s usual random association and babbling.

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  3. Screw YT and all the troglodytes who run it. I subscribed to History, and I’m loving it. And you want to put a channel on there for nothing but talking political smack about Elbonia, that’s just FINE. All I would ask is to act like adults, treat each other with respect, and don’t act like trash.

  4. I think this is an excellent decision. To hear the break even point has already been reached is really good news. I am very much one of those people that just stop by to see the disassembly and history of weird guns. But the digital preservation of firearm history and Ian and company’s work doesn’t deserve to be restricted in any way by a large corporation. There is nothing political about Ian’s content, there’s no glorification of violence, and there’s no in video third party sponsors that YouTube would dislike like the NRA. I am glad that Ian and others are doing their best to video firearm history and make full effort to preserve those videos. Best of luck in future endeavors

  5. Love vintage firearms from pistols rifles 17th century to ww2 cannons types frames odd millitary things like oerlikons parts peices as well

  6. They operate much like Facebook , you can have a game on FB and here today gone tomorrow , and no person to talk to , Many big games have gone to their own system , though still played on FB , the two systems are linked but FB can’t erase them .Plus money spent on the non FB system is not split with FB

  7. Ian,

    I am a doctor, who works in one of the biggest hospitals in th UK.
    We had the heaviest Covid burden, also in terms of mortality, in the whole country.
    Your stories kept me sane, when I was returning from my shifts.

  8. YouTube is blocking gun channels’ profit, so I’m blocking ads on YouTube. So no money for them either. And keepeing my brain tidy. Using their bandwidth comes as a punishment. Fair and square.

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