The Ching Sling – A Simpler Shooting Sling Compromise

The Ching Sling is an answer to the question, “how can one have a sling that is both a useful shooting aid and also quick to get in and out of?” The formal shooting sling was a part of US military training for many decades, and is still a staple of long range marksmanship competition. However, it is a complicated process to set up a shooting sling, and in World War Two it proved thoroughly impractical in combat conditions. The idea of using a sling for a support aid was not necessarily a bad one, though.

Eric Ching devised this solution, using three sling points instead of the traditional two. In this system, the center strap and center mounting point are used to create a sling loop around the tricep which can be very quickly positioned. When not in shooting use, though, the middle strap can be slid out of the way and the sling works as a normal carry strap, either muzzle up or muzzle down.

Ching was a student of Jeff Cooper’s, and Cooper found the Ching Sling to be an ideal piece of gear to fit onto his scout rifle concept. When Steyr introduced the Scout Rifle they built in partnership with Cooper, the Ching Sling was included as a part of the standard package.


  1. Col Cooper had been in ROTC pre-war. Said he did it for the free ammo. At any rate, he was taught by-the-numbers to shoot the Springfield in the standard position, with the sling of course.

    He offered one story of the shooting sling being used (and not by him) in WWII. Some marines were shooting at some far off soldiers swimming across a lagoon and the old-school Sargent had them loop up and get into a proper position. Of course, the enemy was a distance away and the marines were not likely to need to make a quick retreat. That is the only story of using a shooting sling in warfare I have heard.

    Would be interesting if any snipers used a sling. Do not recall McBride using one in A Rifleman Went to War.

  2. Ian, the CW Sling came first, which is simpler – think just the front half of the Ching Sling. The CW works exactly the same as the Ching Sling for SHOOTING, but is not useful for carrying the rifle. The Ching Sling is actually an answer to the question, “How can you make a CW Sling that also works for carrying the rifle?”.

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