Takin’ the Day Off (Sort Of)

It’s my birthday today, and I am indulging with a day off. Which I will be spending by playing with a new No4 Enfield sniper and doing some video work for the upcoming Secret Project. So not really taking the day off, I suppose…but working on the site here and doing what I just find enjoyable have a very high level of correlation. 🙂

Real content to follow tomorrow!

Sergeant H.A. Marshall of The Calgary Highlanders cleans the telescopic sight of his No.4, MkI(T) rifle
Sergeant H.A. Marshall of The Calgary Highlanders cleans the telescopic sight of his No.4, MkI(T) rifle


  1. Back in early summer of 1989 I had the chance to get one of these along with the transit chest….I had the money!!! But it was being saved for my first return trip to Germany (where I’d served from Nov ’71 – Jul ’74). But I wasn’t goin’ to miss my chance to vist the country I’d adopted (and loved) as my own, so I hadda pass…it’s a damn shame…the cost of these things (at least in this market, So FL) has risen to ca. 4K for one in good condition w/the transit chest…

    CB in FL

  2. All the best, Ian; and all firearms are ALWAYS loaded unless proven otherwise (my ten toes will turn 60 in October!)

  3. Have a good birthday,Really liked the slomo of the blowforward pistol. I don’t think many people
    have seen this before .

  4. I remember in the early ’60s when #4 snipers were available by mailorder from the back of magazines like “Guns & Ammo” for prices that might not buy you a used Glock these days.

    If we hadn’t lived in Apartheid Chicago and if my mother (since reformed in her views by an encounter with a mugger) hadn’t been virulently anti-gun, I might have talked my father into buying one.

  5. From the basque country in Spain, have a nice day, Ian:

    Happy birthday!!!!
    Feliz cumpleaños!!!

  6. Joining with my wishes too!

    A little suggestion, if I may: as a break it might be good to have a ‘hobby’ some sort. I presume that FW is your major pre-occupation, almost sort of job.

  7. From Athens , Greece , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,IAN .

    May you keep up the good work for many decades to come .

  8. I like how I recently emailed you about SMLEs and you are playing with one today lol. Hope it shoots straight

  9. Hi Ian,
    Happy Birthday to you, Enjoy Your Day ‘off’.
    All the Best from Germany,

  10. What? Your birthday off? What kind of REMF outfit do you think this is boy? We expect that video on detail stripping the Mars military pistol and the slow motion video of the Japanese Model 11A firing full auto and extensive color photos of John Brownings first modification of the Winchester lever gun to semi-auto, and the expense sheets for all the above with receipts (the originals, no photo copies, thank you) on the COs desk this time tomorrow. And… many thanks for making all our lives a little brighter, Ian.

  11. Many Happy Returns, Ian, and Best Wishes for another Great Year to come!

    By the way, I got a really good laugh out of W. Fleetwood’s birthday wishes to you :).

  12. Birthday congratulation’s Mr McCollum and thank you for all the work so far. I am loving the slow motion footage.

  13. Happy B-Day Ian!
    Viu Glück zum Geburtstag!
    (a lot of luck for your birthday)

    Greetings from Switzerland

  14. I think you will have a great Birthday with your #4 T now you need some HPX Greek Ammo it’s great stuff the best 303 ever made to my mind.

  15. Happy Birthday from the Welsh contingent.

    Of course, when you think about it a birthday is actually just another step closer to the pit. Which is just another reason to PARRRRTTTTTTTY.

    Have a great day, and may all your rounds fire and extract cleanly.

  16. Happy Birthday, Ian, and a wish for many more to follow.
    By the way, have you read Steven Hunter’s book, SNIPER’S HONOR? The NO. 4 Enfield plays a big part near the end.

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