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Stgw-57, aka SIG AMT

In 1957, the Swiss finally adopted a self-loading infantry rifle after more than ten years of development and experimentation. The SIG Stgw57 was an improvement of the roller-delayed system designed by the Germans during WWII, […]

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H&R T223 manual

There were a number of weapons used experimentally by small units of US military forces in Vietnam. One of the better known is the Stoner 63 system (which we will be uploading some material on […]

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Light MGs

Spanish Ameli LMG

One of the less well known firearms in the roller-locked family of designs is the Spanish Ameli (a contraction of “Ametralladora ligera”), or “Special Purpose Assault Machinegun”. Developed in the late 1970s by CETME, the […]