The Beretta 1918/30 is a semi-auto variant of the military Beretta 1918 submachinegun. It is chambered for 9mm Glisenti, and was used primarily by police agencies. As one of the few factory-produced semiauto only submachine guns, it is of interest to homebuilders looking to convert other guns to semiautomatic only operation.




  1. I got one my grand father brought it back from alimein shot a dive macine gunning messhershmidt pilot in the head with it . I use it all the time . It is for sale for the right price

    • Look,no disrespect to your ancestor,but it is virtually impossible to shoot down a
      400 mph aircraft with a pistol caliber SMG.
      Hugh Long

  2. I Own one it is missing the lever on the right side by the ejection port looking for photos of part and need to know it’s function…… thanks in advance

  3. Thanks for the info on bolt release, any chance of photos of the polt release out of the reciever? and parts pertaining to it? this way I can copy them as I doubt I will find any on the loose….

  4. I assume Duncan (first post above) is saying his ancestor shot down a Messerschmitt BF-109 as I can’t think of any other aircraft manufactured by Messerschmitt that would have been operational at El Alamein.
    Upon seeing the thickness of the glass used in the cockpit of these fighters in a mueseum, I can assure you no way in hell would this gun or any of its calibre penetrate or even tickle the glass as its literally inches thick. I assume it could take a .50 without the round penetrating although it would smash up the glass and shatter it a bit.

  5. Alex: Please contact me. My phone number is 7023 623 7078.Really want your bayonet. Clarence Long

  6. Alex: Have repeatedly tried to contact you at your address. No response. Can use Visa/MC or mail check. Please respond Clarence Long

  7. Alex: I have repeatedly attempted to respond. You have not answered.I am starting to believe you
    are some sort of hoax. Clarence LOng

  8. I would suggest that Alex A of Tower Armory is a hoax. For what ever reason he does not want to compete a transaction involving a 1918/30 Beretta bayonet. Clarence Long

  9. Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m out of the country that is why I takes me long to answer and that is why I’ve suggested you to use paypal. I cannot call you from overseas to process a credit card. Anyways, I will post the bayonet on ebay when I get back home where I do have a positive feedback for more than a thounsand transactions, maybe that will make you feel better about me. Also, maybe I should have waited to get back home to join this conversation. Sorry for the inconvenience to all.

  10. I notice that you did not say when you will be back from overseas. I also notice you did not say you were “overseas” earlier, when you ran the ad.

  11. I also notice that ou are not responding to my questions. This confirms my beliefs about you. Where “overseas”are you?

  12. Clarence calm down.Alex might not be lying.Who are you to get all angry when you need the bayonet?

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