There are a handful of specific guns or parts that I am always keeping an eye out for, either for my own collection or a friend’s. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be interested because of condition, price, etc, but if you have any of these items and are interested in selling them, please let me know!

  • Belgian or Turkish Model 1891 Mauser
  • Beat-up shooter grade Bergmann M1910 or M1910/21 pistol (one that is mechanically intact but that I don’t need to worry about scratching or banging around)
  • Stock and hardware for a .45-70 Remington-Lee bolt action rifle (need to replace a sporterized stock)
  • 1883 Hotchkiss bolt action rifle in .45-70
  • Indonesian conversion of a Dutch M95 Mannlicher to .303 British
  • Registered transferable Chauchat machine gun (preferably Finn “SA” marked, with several magazines)
  • Balkan guns with trench art/carvings/graffiti (WWII vintage and earlier)
  • Luger toggle axis and toggle axis pin

and, of course…

  • Anything funky, weird, or unusual! If it looks like it might get featured on the web site, I will probably be interested in it.


I should mention that if a particular gun you offer me is something for a friend rather than myself, I will be putting you in contact with the friend directly – I will not be making any straw purchases.


  1. Love the site Ian and you do a great job with the videos.

    Just a quick FYI, I don’t know if Indonesia did a domestic .303 conversion to the M95 post independance, they’ve certainly done their share of funky stuff with small arms down the years. But SAF Lithgow did a conversion for the NEI Government in or about ’41. I can’t remember the reference off hand, but as best I remember the Japanese got to the NEI’s before Lithgow finished the first batch, so they stayed in store here and went back with the Dutch when they returned in 45/5.



    PS I doubt you need the hint, but an H&K P7 would be a nice subject for a video. 😀

  2. Strange that you consider a HK P7 as an interesting object for! Here in Germany (Munich) it is a not very popular pistol that is easy available on the used market. We have several in the shop (i work at a gunsmith), that sell around 300 Euros.
    Also you can see it on the streets since it is still in use with the Munich Police!

    If youre interested I can provide you pictures or other informations.

  3. I have what appears to be a late 60’s Sr#06XX, Bushmaster ARM PISTOL. Reading up on this Pistol I have determined it is a 3rd Gen design with no safety in or near the trigger. The safety is located near the Mag Well. There is little published on this gun. It is built with a modified M-16 FCG. This gun was sold to me literally in a box, and unassembled. Bushmaster as you know was sold to it’s employees and no longer stocks or services these unique guns. It does fire at this point but crushes/deforms the end of the case upon ejection. Clearly I have more work to do. The bolt needs to be rebuilt, which is no big deal. The trigger pull however is very stiff and I need to figure out why. I am in need of good drawings and parts lists.
    Mine is a semi. They were also made auto.

    I have enjoyed reading your work and thought you might consider researching this rare firearm.
    Thank, Max

    • I worked at Bushmaster from 89-99 and have worked on these guns. The arm pistol was a pretty unique weapon intended to maximize firepower in a small package. It did this with a bullpup style design and a rotating pistol grip, so the magazine and reciever could lay alongside either forearm. They came in both full auto and semi auto. They went through multiple design and production changes, none of which had specific model numbers or designations. They were produced with billet aluminum recievers, cast aluminum recievers, and stamped steel recievers. Most ejected out the top but there were a few made with side ejection, which made the gun a right hand only proposition. They were never very popular and suffered from some quality control issues, but it surely was an interesting design. Mack Gwinn was the designer. This website: has some info. Hope this helps.

  4. I have a strange rifle; an m1894 Krag (norwegian) post-war conversion to “stomperud” (1 of 1672). It’s stamped 1903 Kongsburg Arsenal. Other than being a “stomperud” Krag it also has no import marks or the civilian release marks of the the Norwegian government, the lion with a hatchet. It has all the hallmarks of a stomperud as it was made from mixed parts and has the notch cut on the front sight to fit a k98 sight hood not present on a standard M1894 or any other model, tapered barrel and the characteristic cut-down cleaning rod only known from these funky guns. I’m not looking to sell it as it’s the pride of my budding collection, but wouldn’t mind loaning it to you guys to check out. The bore is riddled with pits, but it shoots 1″ at 50yrds. Just let me know if you guys would be interested. I work in New Mexico in the summers, so I imagine that would be near you. Pics and the like are available including a before and after target from when I lapped the barrel.

  5. Pistol BOLTUN cal 6,35mm magazine

    Good Day,

    Any idea where I can find one of these magazines?

    Thank, Steve

  6. Hi I would like to put my flashlight signaling rifle on this site a picture or video as a trade item I guess I’ll use HTML tags hum thanks

  7. The hunt for oerlikon parts bofors parts everywhere on the net yielded nothing looking for the back plate that screws onto the oerlikon also any parts for the sight or whole sight ring and bead spider sight also the frame part that holds the mark 14 sight thanks folks

  8. I have crates of vintage gun parts open for trades for oerlikon bofors parts but please list your exact parts or gun needs I do have lots of known and unknown gun parts and guns I think one of a kind

    • I don’t have any bofors parts but I’m looking for remington lee 30uas rifle parts
      I have a small collection of the lees in 30-40 kreag and 4 are shooter’s. I’d like to
      try to get at least part of the rest up and going

  9. This is a very Rare item. I have researched and have not found any others of it’s kind anyhere.

    My research indicates this was a “one man” store in Eibar. The “Maker” “Domingo Alberdi” His first run of guns he made 12 percussion pistols “unnamed” just engraved. He made only a large quantity of Le Charuex revolvers and shotguns before he was shut down.

    I have a percussion pistol that is only “1 of 12” made in sometime when he first opened his shop in the 1830. Manufactured by Domingo Alberdi of Eibar. I do not know if it is Silver or Cast.

    It has Double Barrel Octagon shaped Double Triggers. AND it has 2 Finger Triggers HIDDEN within the pistol until you cok the pistol and they come down. There is some etching criss cross design below the barrel and before the handle on both sides of the Pistol. The handle appears to be walnut with carvings running vertically matching form of handle. The bottom of handle has a metal cap with the same lines as handle with a nipple at the bottom. On various parts of the Pistol there is “36” etched into the metal. The barrel trigger are all metal. The pistol for its age is in outstanding condition with the exception to wear to wooden handle and a small piece wood missing. There is no cracks to the handle.

    In between the double barrel is ETCHED “Domingo Alberdi Eibar.

    Can any one help me with any other information regarding the maker of this unusual Percussion Hidden Triggers Pistols possibly used in a European or Civil War when the Spanish became involved or when the war landed in Florida. I am from Florida and I received it from a person that has since passed.

  10. I’m sorry if this is not the right place to post a request.
    I’m looking for the schematics or the part named “slide retainer” for a pistol
    Savage mod. 1915 .380 cal. and the magazine for the same model.
    Please if you have any ideas how to make it o to get it cotact me ASAP.
    Thank you, Ed

    • I would recommend Numrich – they have most of the parts for the Savage pistols (most of the parts interchange with the 1907 and 1917 models). They also have complete schematics for the guns.

  11. I have a transitional revolver circa 1840, the make of London is visible on the barrel, with bar hammer derived from pepperbox revolver, it has engraved plate which covers double action lock the unique thing about his weapon is that it has a compound rammer fully extended lever, walnut grip which is not found in any of the designs referred in books encyclopedias’

  12. I have a victor bernedo elbar 765 model automatic pistol I’m looking for new magazine clips & ammo. I thought about selling it but not sure what its worth

  13. You should look at trying to acquire a Mateba Auto-revolver. Such a cool and unique design, although I do understand that they are rare and hard to get. But… Auto…Revolver. Such an interesting concept.


    Check out this auction site in Germany. Plenty of forgotten ones in the catalogues. Firearms, pages 93, 366, 588, .. I’d like to see the Mannlicher carbine myself.

    Also there’s a collection of 168 (!) Luger 08 is being auctioned, which is an important enough event for a german gun magazine to dedicate an article of 7 pages.

  15. Help, I am going to the brains of this group.

    I have a 1885 Third model Winchester Hotchkiss Carbine NSN. My question is simply one that I cANNOT FATHOM THE SOLUTION, Other than totally removing the lower tang and trigger, how do you remove the bolt from the receiver. This is a gun in my collection and I can post pictures.

  16. Ian at a recent gun show, you told me that you were looking into the EXPLOSIVE dis-assembly of a Winchester Lee rifle in 236 (6mm NAVY).

    You said you were getting some of the ammunition involved and would be sectioning the cases to see whether the wall thickness was less than safe with the 220 Swift case at the extractor groove.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  17. I have an odd little 22 automatic I purchased years ago at an antique show. It is a full framed, compact barreled pistol in stainless steel, stag grips and in a walnut presentation box, red velvet lined. A brass plaque inside the lid is engraved with: PD Arms XP004, prototype for production model. I have been unable to find any information anywhere on PD Arms. Any thoughts? I can forward pictures if you wish.

    Big thanks


  18. hello. I have found a Theodore-Bergmann semi auto pistol frame, no barrel or slide/bolt/firing pin, it does have the hammer and trigger and trigger spring, tested once and found to be working, my question is if it would be possible to get the missing parts for it? I would love to own a piece of history that can be shared with others including to show to my sons/daughters one day. Looking forward to hearing from you,.

  19. Howdy Ian! Big fan of your fantastic work here – thanks for all that you and the FW team does!
    I stumbled upon an absolute MINT 1883 Hotchkiss at a gun show a few weeks ago, tucked away in the back. The vendor was surprised to find that I knew what it was, and offered me a commission if I could find a buyer for him. Asking price is $2000 – the collector died, leaving his wife with lots of guns and not so much cash. I have several pictures. Are you interested in seeing them?

  20. Do u think that the public would be interested in an AR platform with a counterbalance system like the ak-107 ?
    please note the prototype no longer uses a rear mounted buffer tube Wich would make it extremely easy to modify it into a bullpup design or install a folding stock. so u would end up with an 5.56 AR platform with the recoil of a 22lr . and it would relocate the buffer to a much more convenient place . on top of all this it could be sold in a kit with just a few parts to convert a standard ar into the counterbalanced model . do u think this gun would sell or am I wasting my time getting a patent on the system ?

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