1. ‘Recreational sub-machine gun’ is an odd term. ‘Fishing hand grenades?’ ‘Personal carry grenade launcher?’ I DO get the straight to high-volume plinking idea, but purpose built just seems like another bizarre corner of the firearms industry.

    • Likely not, as the ATF could possibly (and stupidly) accuse someone of marketing to home-grown terrorists. They are a case of lawful-stupid, as they’ve already attempted to arrest and charge antique collectors with the crime of gun-running on the premise that a warehouse of antique guns (ALL OF THE GUNS WERE CENTURY-OLD MUZZLELOADERS WITHOUT MODERN SERIAL MARKINGS) is actually some drug-cartel arsenal. Yes, this is mere exaggeration.

    • As Ian noted in the previous article, Stemple built these receivers for a .45, and BRP markets them in other calibers (mostly 9mm).

  2. Here in the USA fully automatic weapons are toys for the well to do.
    At least the legal ones are…
    Who knows how many have turned their Glock into a machine pistol with a piece of wire coat hanger?

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