State of the NFA Collecting Community 2019, with John Keene

When I film at the Morphy Auction Company, I always enjoy taking time to chat with Master Sergeant (retired) John Keene, who is their NFA expert. He always has some very interesting insights into the state and trends of the machine gun collecting community. This time, I figured I would share some of that conversation with you…


    • Yes, when I was in Iraq in 2003 (Army) we were not allowed to take anything home more than a bayonet. Many of us captured all kinds of guns, but the government took them away and destroyed them. It was heartbreaking the number of cool guns that were destroyed.

      • Aw, shucks. Yet again “Big Brother” seeks to protect us from an imaginary threat, namely it thinks that trophy guns will magically become mass-murder weapons. Yeah, right…

  1. Fact : The unconstitutional Hughes Amendment to the unconstitutional NFA is the reason that most people can not buy a machine gun. You can be like me, own a very large collection of parts kits, and be a skilled machinist with the proper tools and knowledge for the job, and an FFL holding Gunsmith. I could have a large collection of full auto guns right now, if only the government would allow new guns on the registry. But instead, I am not allowed to use my skills. Most people can not spend thousands of dollars to own a 15 dollar STEN. But any kid with a year of shop class and a 200 dollar parts kit could build their own. The effect of Hughes on the NFA registry is massive artificial inflation. Sorry to be on the soap box about this, but I have been a passionate collector all of my life, and was just a kid when Hughes was passed to screw the next generations of gun enthusiasts, and it is the biggest pet peeve of mine.

    • Yes, it is too bad that an American with the proper skills does not have that freedom. Sadly so many are scared of having freedom.

  2. I would absolutely love to be able to attend an American gun auction and actually see a working machine gun sold. I’ve looked at on-line catalogues and drooled excessively.

  3. All this is great until the right 270 people decide that machine guns should go away. Then poof goes your “investment”.

    I wonder if that is driving some of these sales.

  4. In 2022; After the Kamala Harris presidency closes a Registry on NFA semi-automatic rifles.

    Goober: “It’d be great to reopen the registry, so that the BAFTE can have accountability and vet people who own the guns, and everyone can get one if they’re deemed worthy”.

    This guy really needs to take a running jump. Destroy the registry. Free the people.

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