State of the Channel: 2024

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  1. I tried in 2022 to find a way of supporting Forgotten Weapons with one-off donations but that did not seem possible at the time. I would still like to make occasional donations but am unwilling to commit to regular subscriptions. Please advise.

  2. Have you ever thought of teaming up with Ballistic High Speed. You could do some really cool slow motion videos again.

  3. “I courtesy Nigerian in fairness, like Prince; rogers Nelson of stardom due in Canadas by worth in acceptance for Weapons forgotten take upon myself delivery for Dubloons, propensity of such Maria theresa thaler’s in all honesty for good of channel, Sovereigns or as have you may. Blessings.”


    What? History of Weapons and War T.V; I subscribed. Meh, it is good content… Must say though Internet content creators face some stiff competion I once went onto this site (A guy called Karl mentioned off this website) never had of heard of it prior; and to be fair there are alot of very good internet content creators out there such as Nikky Dandelion etc. Again What? It is just a fact, I like bearded Canadian blokes strutting around in skirts with Martini’s myself; I am just saying you can see why the market… For quality internet
    content creators is, a competetive one. Hmmm… Happy New year!

  4. Actually you know the “Ultima Thule” of Forgotten Weapons I assume, I presume rightly… Must be the (Mystical Archive) the most important thing ever buried since the Ark of the Covenant. Type thing; Terminators, Aliens; thick people who have just forgot how to actually make anything due to Playstations etc.

    I would pay for it, but bit skint…

    Combine; raiders of the lost A…! Got it, wack in hidden footage from say Nikky Dandelion; somewhere in the Arizona desert (Karl suggested this did he? Joke.) With detailed bluprints of an Oerlikon cannon – know what I mean robot hovers… Future proof eh.

    Right, night! He he.

    • Slipperly slope… Well I hope 2024 has less war and snot in it than previous years for most folk in the world amen, peace; out.

  5. Any plans to index the material on History of Weapons and War T.V.? It would make it significantly more valuable as a resource. thanks

  6. Sorry, I am an Old guy and technologically challenged. Last November – or so – I got the news of the new venture and sent in a hundred bucks, BUT nothing happened and I don’t know where/how to access all the new stuff. I need a bit of guidance, please.
    The old channel was very accessible and user freindly.

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