State of the Channel 2020

Time to begin another year of Forgotten Weapons!  It’s going to be another good one, with a great variety of guns from an assortment of collections, museums, and auction houses. I am stepping back slightly on the video schedule, from 7/week to 6/week; taking Sunday off from video posting. Not to relax, naturally, but to be able to dedicate some time to other projects. I am eager to expand my archival work, which has been basically stalled for want to time. I will also be starting my next reference book, which is very exciting. Thanks to everyone who supports my work, and here’s to a great 2020!



  1. Now, that’s original : the background with the bottles typical of the country along with sample firearms and the hat.

    • We have to match the bottles with the presented hardware :
      Bordeaux wine for the grunts, Cahors wine for the officers.

      (I guess similar rules apply in other armies)

  2. Just out of curiosity, what is your education background?? You are well spoken, put up a good camera front, and you are very relaxed before the camera lens. It made me wonder if you are, or were, a Teacher of some sort. I have been a subscriber for years and your channel is one of the ones I look to each day. Keep up the good work, Happy New Year, and I look forward for more from you!

  3. Really glad you are going to have a day a week off. I think I suggested this a year or so ago. If I didn’t then I should have.

    Which day in the week will have no new Forgotten Weapon? Forgotten Weapons Free Thursday? Once you decide the day please stick to it. Once a month channels can get away with almost a week late. Once a fortnight that do not mention a a day (1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month) have a several day hit zone. 6 days a week needs the days defnining; even if it’s it Tues or Weds no show.

    The planned growth of your archive is the best news you have given for several years. I think I first started watching when the the ‘Sunday Archive/Picture(?)’ was still a feature.

    You do documentaries of the highest present quality; and of a quality that stands up to any of this century, and a lot of the last, but you had single pictures that said more than an hour of video,
    The French Marine with his CETME
    The one of Finns being given Carcano’s Which is my favourite because my mum was Finnish’ she and most of her brothers served in the last world war, and all those Finnish men in the picture look like at least one of my family, especially the one who is really thinking: ‘You Sent Us What?”

  4. Great channel getting better with time. Archiving with ability of returning to already published stuff is good idea. All the best to all in New Year!

  5. I look forward to this every week. Thank you for continuing this site! Passing this on. will you have any future information on Johnson rifles and machine guns. I recently learned that Mr.Johnson created a semi auto rifle resembling his submachine gun. Any chance of learning if anyone may have manufacturing prints for the rifles that can be purchased?

  6. We have been blessed with an abundance of EXCELLENT material from Ian.

    I strongly urge you to skip videos on both Saturday and Sunday. No human can keep up your pace forever, and you deserve to enjoy life apart from feeding video facts to your many gun fans. Take some time for writing, shooting, traveling for pleasure, etc. You certainly have earned some leisure.

    Thanks for ALL you do, but it really is more than we could possibly expect, especially from basically a one man band.

    We’ll be here.

  7. Hello Ian, happy New year. I was wondering if you have already done a video or can do a video on the Spanish maid star Firestar m 43 series handguns. I actually found one partially buried and after attempting to clean it up a little bit I discovered that it wasn’t as far gone as I suspected it would be. It looks like I might actually be able to get it functioning again but I would like to know a little bit more about the history and the function of the pistol before I start to reassemble it

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