Special Book Shipping Deal for Europe!

Special European shipping:

For the preorder of “Small Arms of World War Two: United States”, we have arranged a European contact where we can delivery books in bulk direct from the printer and then ship them to customers form within the EU. Specifically, books will be shipping form France. This allows us to dramatically reduce out European shipping rates – it will now cost $20 for deliveries in France and $35 for most of the rest of Europe. If you are in the EU, this should also prevent you from being charged extra customs or VAT (but we make no guarantees – you guys know your laws better than we do).

This shipping is good only for preorders of this specific book. We don’t have supplies of previous titles in Europe, so for orders with multiple titles you will need to use the regular site.

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  1. It sounds really tempting, especially for us in Europe who are interested in this book. Shipping from France and lower rates make the book more affordable. Unfortunately, I don’t read much, I use the writing service in college, and I use https://edubirdie.com/ for help. But it’s cool anyway. There is always a way out, as they say.

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