Some Brief Shooting with a SIG 553R

Some of my last footage from my trip to Switzerland last year; a bit of shooting with a SIG 553R. This is the model in 7.62x39mm, and the guns here are set up with 3-round burst. Cameo by Larry Vickers. 🙂

Sorry that it’s not a proper full video, but the time wasn’t there.


  1. What use is for Swiss the M43? Export? Where? Who wants to pay that horrendous price? Go to Kalashnikov or CZUB.

    • French GIGN adopted SIG MCX in 7,62*39. Other sepcial police teams alreay use the SG553, but 5,56 is really not great from such short barrels, so the old M43 looks like a possible option for short ranges. May have been intended for some foreign customer like the Colt CK-901 for Yemen.

  2. “Bringing SIG55x full circle to its inspirational origins”…. hahaha!

    For sure, with one exception – while this fancy clockwork is to be had for mere $3,300.-, the Russian equivalent goes on international market for $150-300. Enough said.

      • Perfect response!

        Now seriously (and I do recognize I can be for this at odds with some readers): military arms are for militaries and security services, NOT for civilians. Therefore, civilians and regulars like many of use, do not have to be concerned with such items as manufacturing/ purchasing cost/price.

        But, of course, if we are tax-payers is a respective country, we are inextricably affected. This could invite further discussion I prefer to avoid. In case of Swiss people, the equation is slightly different than for rest of the world. What is their’s, is not ours – unless they want to reach out and sell outside of their country.

        • Just a slight correction to my statement on military arms civilian ownership. In an ideal situation I envision the private bona-fide collectors ought to be in possession of these items, but only previous to current issue (previous generations). Most countries regulate it thru repeating or limited capacity semi-auto firearms only exception.

      • Quality not quantity; a fair few Brit high end shotgun makers still live by it.

        The prices are… Very high, mind you they sell; and nobody ever says this is crud.

    • Its interesting that price is more a reflection of swiss market and economy, where they have huge wages, and not so about quality of manufacture or materials that could justify 20x price.
      Somewhat similar to japanese sig sauer copy thats almost korriphila expensive.

      • Absolutely, this is the price they pay for their superb standard of living. It is a world on its own, bound to live in isolation to great degree. I wish them well and admire them.

      • The japanese firearms market is rather limited in size, which raises prices. All the Howa hunting rifles are made nearly for export only.

  3. Telling–maybe?–that Chile’s FAMAE ceased production of the SIG 550 series and moved to manufacture the Galil ACE?

    Most users opted for 5.56mm instead of 7.62x39mm. I note that the French GIGN wanted some sort of “armor piercing” capability from, *ahem* a *9-inch barrel!* That is short!

    And yes, the Czech Brno/Bren2 looks like it was made in a waffle shop.

  4. Damn they messed up, they should have added a bolt hold open on empty independent of the magazine, same concept as in the zh-29, now that would be the best 7.62×39 rifle ever.

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