Simpson Ltd’s Import/Export Concierge Service

Simpson Ltd has been a friend of Forgotten Weapons for many years now, but I only recently realized how much import/export work they do – including a really neat concierge service that might be interesting to some of our overseas audience…


  1. Might have asked if there are companies in other countries that do reciprocal business.
    Where a U.S. customer wants a firearm in a foreign country and then then the foreign company acquires the firearm and does all the work to export the firearm to Simpsons in the U.S. where they do all the import work.

    • Yes, there are some companies – espechally in Germany, that do this Transfer -> Export / Import -> Transfer business and all the associated customs paperwork.

      But unless you have a really expensive collectors piece, it’s not worth the associated fees.

      Also AFAIK that does not allow backdoor-imports circumventing the AWB import ban – unless you got a DD importer/exporter. So it may result in a semiauto featureful rifle [like those shiny Haenel AR-15] to get classified as DDs or non-transferable/post-sample.

      But the only ones that can definitely give you a legally rock-solid answer would be the ATF and the Importer together.

      Exportwise from Germany, every EU/EFTA & NATO member as well as Japan is considered a “safe destination” for any firearms exports. But getting a firearms permit in Germany is a big hassle and legally impossible for non-permanent residents or citizens spending at least >180 days per year in Germany.

      Maybe ask the people from if they can export you stuff from Germany’s equivalent of GunBroker:…

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