SIG MKPS at the Range

Today we have the SIG MKPS out at the range – and WOW! I did not anticipate just how fast-firing of a submachine gun this is. Calculating from the high speed footage, it is running at 1350 rpm – and yet it’s still very controllable. It’s a beautiful looking gun, a beautifully made gun, and a really nice-shooting gun. What more could you want?


  1. Because it’s a between the wars SMG and Swiss, I assume that it’s fairly heavy. The muzzle doesn’t appear to move around much. Sure wish we could’ve seen how it prints at, say, 50 and 80 meters.

      • One has to wonder what would happen to any anarchist foolish enough to attempt to challenge Swiss Police to a pistol fight, since the MKPS would be thrown into the mix…

      • So about the weight of an Uzi with the wooden stock. I guess the Uzi has a heavier bolt leading to a noticeably lower cyclic rate than the MKPS. The MKPS has more nice wood OTOH. 😉

        • Is this more controllable though, from the vid; might be structable rigidty or something via the stock. Did to me.

        • For 9mm that looked groovy at the rpm, ppsh better though via vids…

          Anyway better than 5.45mm or 5.56mm sooo… Like, if they hit armour… Er, maybe something that hit better, more hits that did not hit armour…

          I think I am right. I open to folk saying fuck off, mind if they explain it. Without me being rude in reply.

          I honestly think I am right.

          • How? Well er… Tell folk to centre on the nuts… Aye. He he. Same width as the chest.

            Still think I am right.

    • Ppsh 7.62x25mm for me still; but just saying this much more heavy bulky, yet nice 9mm Can do what? Swiss cheese the same as Ppsh.

      The clue in anti armour tech other than in small arms seems to be; don’t aim for it.

      Anyway good tunes eh; 1450’ish… Find the kinks in the armour with your big pointy stabby/chopper.

  2. Suppose there may be a technical problem telling troops to zoom in on the enemies balls… But that is just because you dont hate them enough, pull the trigger!

    Ok belly button… Something other than, duh the mutha fucking armour like. Duh, with armour in play.

  3. No it will be ok Ppsh’s don’t have scopes; you just say CUT IN HALF! And thus well head shots are out; work itself out. Lower, rounds generally. Well its a fact anyway 5.45 in armour up to it is pointless so there.

    Hot thighs. He he.

    • Why am I saying this? Well a lot folk most of the “West” was pumping rounds downrange at for 20 yrs; never wore armour eh.

      Time flies.

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