Semiauto PM-63C “Rak” at the BUG Match (It’s Technically a Backup Gun…)

I recently picked up one of the Pioneer Arms semiauto PM-63C pistols that are sporadically available here in the US. They have a pretty mediocre reputation and I wasn’t expecting much, but the gun is so unusual that I really must have one myself (and the likelihood of me getting an original PM63 machine pistol is basically nil). On my initial test trip to the range, though, it actually ran almost flawlessly, and the sights were well-zeroed to boot! So, I took it to this month’s BackUp Gun match (technically it’s a backup gun, just backup for an IFV, not a service pistol…). Lo and behold, it did quite well.

I will be turning this into an SBR with a working stock and front grip as soon as my Form 1 is approved, and I look forward to running it in another match at that point, as a PCC…


  1. I was always fascinated w/ the folding collapsing stock machine pistol of the Red Poles. Seemed a much better answer than the Stechkin or the .32 ACP Skorpion – and somehow ze Germans ended up w/ the HK MP7 – different cartridge, but very similar concept…

  2. Well… Er, for a big “pistol” in a “smaller” cal; that, seems to have a fair degree of muzzle climb “wobble” or something. You can see gas/smoke deflecting off that… Finger protecter thing (Looking back at the full auto version) and it seems to go “\ Fuck off upwards / ” Direction; suggesting a downward impetus, if it was a muzzle break…

    Yet the gun goes up… At the muzzle, I think. Suggesting, saw that off and put a loop/Steyr Aug “trigger guard” on the folding grip; to try and prevent finger “shot off” issues… While, stopping hopefully whatever that is… I mean what is wrong with that gun, it is not very good. Is it. I mean, look at the size of it, in that cal… It suggests the problem maybe that finger guard thing, for some; reason. BANG!! Look at that gas deflection, is it going 360° or something.

    Saw that thing off, try it again.

    • Keep the finger thing, and put a muzzle break with just upwards holes on it or something… Something… Rattle snake of a gun that, 9x18mm. Not good enough.

      • Its got to be said the “idea” might have been ok, but the implementation of said pdw, was less than adequate. I mean come on, that gun is shit. And you think Croat “live” hand grenade throwers are bad. I mean, really.

        • Two sort of vortex’s off that finger thing going 360°, that guns muzzle rise in .380 mak is just wrong; look at the size of it. And that is in semi auto.

          • Or it is the bolt smacking the back thing… But I mean… Bit unusally “shit that” and like… Nothing else has said “Finger guard” hint maybe; hacksaw, try one sawn off.

  3. seems it is lacking the locking mechanism for the stock? that would be a serialized receiver mechanism which would make it very hard to add. can you confirm?

  4. That PM-63C “Rak” looks like a unique piece! Exciting to see it perform unexpectedly well in the BackUp Gun match. Looking forward to seeing it in action again after the SBR conversion. Keep enjoying the shooting sports!

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