Scrome J8 Commercial Production Update (For the FR-F2)

Scrome, the original maker of the J8 scope used by the French Army on the FR-F2 sniper rifle, is making a commercial run of J8 scopes for collectors who have the recently-released surplus FR-F2 rifles. They are made in France in the same shop, by the same people and to the same specifications as the Army scopes – including the correct range finding reticle. They don’t know how many to make, so they are asking for a preorder list. If you are interested in getting one, email them at to get on the list.

Production is expected to take place this fall, and they will ship directly from Scrome. You can see all the detail in Scrome’s post:


  1. Great that Scrome even bothers to do this for the buyers of the surplus fR-F2 to complete their rifles. 🙂

    Makes me wonder: what did the French Army (or rather the ministry of defense) do with their surplus scopes?

    • Scopes tend to be less survivable over the long haul than the weapons they’re put on top of… My guess is that the majority of the FRF2 rifles that have been made redundant were partnered up with scopes that didn’t survive or which were cannibalized to go on top of other rifles that they retained.

      Average knucklehead under arms will tend to break the most fragile components first, is all I’m sayin’…

      • Yes of course there is going to be attrition simply through rough use. And soldiers are some of the roughrest users of tools. But with the shrinking of armies since the end of the cold war, there should still be plenty scopes around I presume?

  2. The potential buyers must have deep pockets : around 10 years ago, a second hand scope could be sold around 1700-1900€. I wonder if the new production will be at 2500€ or higher.

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