1. Perhaps the guns featured on Forgotten Weapons demand a premium due to increased exposure of this website? If so, Gun Jesus deserves a cut of the buyers premium!

  2. I look at auctions daily as a collector, gunsmith, and FFL. But except for Ians excellent videos, I pretty much skip right past RIA auctions. Beautiful guns, but they don’t sell much of anything I could afford to buy. I could buy alot of guns for a million dollars!!

  3. Have bought stuff from RIA. Always found the description matched the gun, not always the case with other options.

    In terms of price, they are a bit high. In terms of quality, they are excellent. If you are a long term collector, it is worth the bang for the buck.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

  4. I don’t understand how a revolver can cost 1,000,000 at all ….. This is an incredible price. And the most interesting thing is that there are a bunch of things that can do so much and even more. People snickered, I can’t say otherwise. I personally can’t afford it and found loans like spotloan, you can find them on at Fit My Money if you want. I can’t say that I envy people who can afford it. My salary simply does not allow me personally, and if people can afford to buy a revolver for that kind of money, then this is stupid. Better to give that money to charity.

  5. Unusual offer for a million bucks, you can think of a better offer. There are more interesting works of European gunsmiths and a little cheaper.

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