Rifle Sale! SMLE, MAS-36, Spanish Mauser

I have a couple of rifles that I no longer need in the collection and might interest folks here. All prices include shipping, and the guns are all C&R eligible. No international sales – sorry. If you’d like one of them, just drop me an email at admin@forgottenweapons.com. Thanks!


First up is a 1915 dated SMLE, made by BSA. It has seen a pretty hard life, and has lots of…character. Mismatched bolt, and several factory stock repairs. The bore is dark. That said, it really is a neat rifle and it was what I used in the 2-gun match a while back again Karl and his K98k. Asking $325. SOLD

2) MAS-36

Next is a French MAS-36, still in the original 7.5mm caliber. I don’t see an import mark on it anywhere, although it’s possible it was on the barrel and has been worn off. The bore is poor (dark), and counterbored. There is a big “8” carved into the bottom of the grip, which I can’t explain. Bolt is mismatched. Asking $225. SOLD

3) Spanish M1893 Mauser

And the last of the rifles, a Spanish 1893 pattern long rifle. Made at Oviedo in 1923, and in 7mm Mauser. Pretty nice bore, and all matching except the safety. The wood is unsanded and good other than some gouges. Asking $300.



  1. That revolver is interesting but I can’t really afford anything that is not SHTF ready. Love the channel. Keep up the good work.

    • You are sort of correct. Mle-1936 rifle barrels from about 1948 onwards had counterbored barrels from the factory so every rifle could be converted into Mle-1936 LG-48 to launch rifle grenades.

      • It is a modification for the grenade launcher, hence the “G” for “Grenade” on the barrel. It is not a “counterbore” but, rather, a deeply recessed muzzle crown. They left the factory that way.

  2. I would be interested in the revolver if you could come up with a price. I NEVER sell or trade my extended family.

  3. If the thrill is gone, pass the Webley on to a new owner.

    If it’s just procuring ammunition… Over the years I’ve slowly accepted that some people just don’t care to load their own. But is reloaded .476 *that* hard to find?

    • I know people who shoot .455 Webley Mk II Fiocchi factory ammo with black powder Webleys. The CIP max. pressure for the cartridge is 900 bars (13,050 psi), so pretty low. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fiocchi factory load actually generates an even smaller pressure, since it launches a 262 grain bullet only at 656 fps. Of course it is still a calculated risk…

      • In addition, one could also fire .450 Adams (Short) factory loads, which at least by CIP have even lower max. pressure; 720 bars (10,440 psi). Sadly it appears that Fiocchi does not offer .450 Short in the US.

  4. Gday Ian, the only thing, I suspect, that came out in 1915 on the SMLE was the action, the bolt and the nose cap. The wood work has no evidence of the volley site so probably is much later. The magazine cut off is gone. I would say that this rifle was refurbish between the wars. The wood work is a terrible fit evidenced by the huge gap where it meets the action above the trigger.The rear site looks like a later mk. But all good as they were all played with between the wars. A gunsmith of even mediocre skills can dismantle and make it a good long distance shooter. They will shoot well out to 7 or 800 yds if set well. Cheers Ross in Aussie

  5. I am interested in the revolver, I do not have any suggested trades.
    Let me know how much you are looking for in $$.
    Love the channel, love learning form the past inventions.
    Thank You for your time and effort put into this site.

  6. Ian,

    Any interest in a firing French Gras Cadet rifle in 11x59R? I am interested in your Webley-Pryse. Shoot me an email for pics & details.



  7. If you had posted this a week before, I would have bought the MAS-36 from you, but alas, I already bought a Type I last weekend. Oh well…

  8. Ian

    I have the following:

    2) IG71 Mauser bolt action single shot
    3) Peruvian 1909 Mauser
    4) BSA 12/15 .220 Martini
    5) Argentine 1891 mil conf, D/T w/ Weaver 3x15x44 Target
    6) French Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873
    7) Various Mausers (PM your interests)
    8) FINN M-24 LOTTA
    9) FINN 1891 “B” Barrel
    10) Large collection of inert ordinance including a comprehensive section of WWII LUFTWAFFE cannon rounds.

    Shoot me an email &,maybe we could worksl something out.



  9. I brought a bunch of British made 1853 Enfields, Sniders, and Martinis from Afghanistan. My Pryse hadn’t shipped before I got hit and I was only able to get the parts less the barrel and frame sent. I’d love the Pryse is it’s still available.

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