RIA: Japanese Type 100 Paratrooper

The Type 100 (sometimes called the Type 0) was one of the initial Japanese experiments in paratroop rifles. Manufactured from standard Nagoya Arsenal Type 99 rifles, the Type 100 used a set of interrupted lugs at the chamber to allow the rifle to be broken into two short sections. Only a few hundred of these were manufactured for testing, and ultimately the Type 2 design (with a locking wedge) was adopted instead.


    • Nice call Dave!! In addition to being a gun-ophile I’m a movie buff. You nailed it. Found a dicussion thread about it on AR15.com

    • The rifle featured in that movie should never have received a scope! Some wise guy forced a scope mount on it just to satisfy the plot’s demands for a concealable long arm capable of head-shooting a president. Take-down rifles seldom get advanced optics because of assembly tolerances, especially if the parts fit together loosely, right?

          • [sad trombone]

            Pretty much, man. Artistic license won’t cover everything. Especially when a movie studio is nearing its budget limit!

      • The movie also has a suppressed revolver (not a Nagant M1895), so it isn’t the most realistic as far as firearms go, but it’s still a great movie and easily one of the best Cold War thrillers I have seen. I haven’t even seen the remake, so can’t comment on that, but remakes of thrillers and crime movies are seldom good (The Jackal comes to mind. Thank goodness they haven’t tried remakes of The French Connection or Dirty Harry).

        • I think remakes fail when the people involved focus too much on the icing of the cake and not the main ingredients with which one bakes said cake (if you get this message, you’ll also know why the film version of Company of Heroes wasn’t so great).

  1. This looks like a threaded barrel extension with machined lugs, which locks into matching lugs in a receiver adapter.
    Should be strong enough.

  2. I have actually handled one of the type two rifles. I had an uncle who was a combat Marine who survived several island invasions on the road to Japan. He brought one of the type two rifles home as a “was souvenir”. I remember as a young teenager, one of my cousins proudly showing me his father’s war trophy. I had never seen a Japanese rifle before and certainly not one that could be broken down into two halves.

  3. RIA has lots of neat stuff lately. Some had a really cool collection. I wonder if it was also modified in Nagoya also? I need to add a type 38 or type 99 that hasn’t been turned into Uncle Jim Bob’s “hunttin” rifle to my collection.

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