Researcher Profile: Matt Moss & The Armourer’s Bench

Today I would like to introduce you to Matt Moss, who runs the web site and The Armourer’s Bench YouTube channel. Matt is a firearms researcher with an academic background, who covers a variety of very rare and interesting firearms on video, as well as other aspects of military history.

You can find Matt on your choice of platforms:


    • One day, regular commenters might even do a cameo !
      eon appearing in the middle of the video to present additional content
      kirk interviewed as MG veteran
      cherndog in Q&A, getting corrected if he is wrong

      (and the others with each their own gimmick)

    • “(…)whyyyy…….(…)”
      Hmm, summoning “brains” well-versed in common subject? Wait this reminds me… project Manhattan:
      some, so I presume I should not be surprised if they develop new technology (ray-projector? ion-thrower? laser-lance?…) which would make existing fire-arms looks as antiquated as trireme compared to warships of dawn of 21th century…

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