Researcher Profile: Cartridge_Gram

Today I would like to introduce you to Jack, who runs the Cartridge_Gram account on Instagram. Ammunition researchers and collectors are a somewhat rare subset of gun collectors, and theirs is a subject that is often overlooked. Jack is posting some pretty cool stuff, and I look forward to seeing his project grow! Check him out on Instagram!


  1. Nice to see a cartridge person. I Have been both a gun collector and cartridge collector for a very long time. I would e very happy to help out. I am an IAA member, you might want to put a notice in the journal

  2. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which seemingly takes pride in its militant anti-gun attitude. Has Instagram a future as a platform for a subject like this?

    • If Instagram shuts down this guy amongst several other notable gun geeks (as opposed to “militant” gun rights activists), it can expect to lose lots of people on the premise that a “New World Order Censorship Committee” is trying to brainwash everyone into becoming mindless, brainless, vegetables. Indeed, Facebook’s administrators haven’t been very good at keeping their site “gun-free” and have spectacularly failed in detecting lone-wolf extremists using Facebook!

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