Reproduction RP-46 Belt-Feed Conversion from SMG Guns

InRange TV Operator’s Guide to the RP-46:

You can order your own by contacting SMG Guns at or placing an order online at

It’s very exciting to have these available, as they are extremely difficult to find originals for sale – and these reproductions can be mounted on standard DP/DPM guns (semiauto or full auto) whereas the original require a couple permanent modifications to the host gun.

Full comparison video with an original RP-46 coming soon, I hope!


  1. Did this particular add-on require tons of paperwork and tooling? I hope belts are easier to get than original pan magazines. Which is easier to carry and load?

    • “easier to carry”
      Belts are just lighter for same amount of cartridges:
      DP: loaded pan, 2,7 kg, 47 rounds -> 0.057 kg/round
      RP-46: box with belt, 8,33 kg, 200 rounds -> 0.042 kg/round
      RP-46: box with belt, 9,63 kg, 250 rounds -> 0.039 kg/round
      DP pans shape/proportions also are not best suited for carrying.

      • Too bad I can’t get any pan-fed guns in my neighborhood. There are too many rabid moral guardians and annoying deer, but I’m more worried about the deer. Can I convince the moral guardians that pan magazines are NOT intended for assault weapons, given that pans are not inherently AR-15 friendly?

        • “given that pans are not inherently AR-15 friendly?”

          if the pans become cheap and available, how long do you think it will take for someone to do an AR upper for them?

          they already make an AR upper for P90 magazines…

  2. The postwar-made Degtyaryov RP-1946 light machine gun uses the same chassis as the original interwar DP-1928 LMG with a few changes such as replacing the single-piece stock with a split grip, fitting a new barrel to handle the higher rate-of-fire (500rpm), modifying the gas tube system for enhanced reliability, and changing the top-mounted pan magazine action to the more-frequently-used side-loading (inserted from the right and ejected on the left) belt that comes from a box attached to the bottom of the frame.

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