Prototype Silenced Sten Mk4(S) at the Range

Yesterday we looked at the mechanics and the history of the Sten Mk4(S), and today we have it out at the range! The very short barrel and its porting reduce the velocity of standard 115gr 9mm ammunition below the speed of sound, and so the gun is very quiet. To my surprise, the complete lack of cheek weld was not really a hindrance in keeping the sights in focus, although I would definitely prefer to have a Mk5 Sten over the Mk4 in combat. That said, the Mk4 is an exceptionally rare item, and it was great to be able to show it to you in use!


    • As oppose no stock in full auto, at said range; so better… Well, you can hear the bolt cycle; but not much of a “BANG!!!” at all. Decent gun, fair play. It is kind of hitting the target as a sort of .380 which would likely do the trick; if one hit well, if not… A wee burst. Whats not to like.

  1. With body armour these days being; well better/more practucal; so more widely used than, in the 30/40’s. Is it possible to do this level of greatness in popping Hun sentries now? Probably not. So thinking caps on. Not like it won’t be needed.

  2. Maybe try .556 case (Soviet silent round idea) but with .32’ish cal bullet bottle neck case, barrel to match, eh. Niti cone, behind bullet (Think bottom of ice cream cone) a curl, the point sits behind bullet, keeps powder in case at bottom, funnel shape in full 9mm type width case… Upon detonation, Niti goes (Pop!!) expands into a .32 cal sort of tube at the top “Curls up” via heat; KNOCK!!! Bullet exits; traps bang. Cone remains in the case. Use same gun but with Ar mags, probably “knock them” with similar power to this; if works, shorten silencer length to fit.

      • Not for body armour; still thinking along the lines of my 40mm shotgun using the rpg gunpowder charge; but with a silenced bazooka… Arse end, ongoing.

        That would defeat armour at 25yrds, essentially it is a hand held claymore you point.

        No legs, face etc; set of armour left with a gun strapped around it… Well it removes some of the issues with the liberator pistol.

        But quiet, so as not to scare pigeons… They will give you away, with a shotgun flying off. Fucking huns.

        • Issues being; it is unlikeky untrained peasants would hit a kraut with the liberator pistol, in general.

          Need something bigger (Bigger than the 4 barreled 20 bore from the 60’s) a grid square destroyer so to speak; but within 25 yrds even squared. BANG!!! Even better with less of a bang.

          Why? Because they will clearly be shit at aiming. Force the robots into a ditch full of mines… Meh. Better than an Ar.

  3. Before anyone suggests using the Sten Mk 4 (S) to kill Hitler, I would like to say that you’d have a better chance of killing him by putting a Tellermine in a piano or rigging dynamite under a toilet bowl. Nobody would see that coming. Yes, this is just a bad joke post.

    • “(…)kill Hitler(…)
      Actually SOE did entertain such idea and found sniper attack to give best chance, nonetheless this was not implemented as (…)it was argued that Hitler was so bad and so meddling as a strategist that any successor might prove to be a superior war leader(…)

    • Tellermine toilet? Could the two not be combined… Ze Furher was a good farter, a strong farter! For unt ze farterland.

      All that veg…

  4. I actually made a toilet “device” yes. Wasn’t a bomb; when you lifted a toilet roll off the top of the toilet, a snippy chapper (Staple remover) had a pin pulled out via a small bottle of water, released by the toilet roll removal via a a plastic bag rolled up into a string and a piece of card “Holding it under the toilet roll” and and allan key held on the upper of said snippy chapper pressed the middle button of a nokia 3310 or such to say “You are a strong farter” was intricate, bored wee holes in everything and used bent paper clips to hold eveything to a metal cup plate “Cut out” for good brew or such; secured under cistern via same plastic “rope” card job.

    Was at work. Stationary war; told you I won.

      • That and the crossbow bolt that stuck in the wall, never got to the wheelock matchstick ends cannon. Stationary war; victor! Fairly topical; you mentioned toilet “devices” out.

        • Stationary “crossbow bolt” still feel I deserve more recognition for that actually. Some sort of medal; anyway what are we talking about on my thread again?

          Joke. Meh…

          Anyway Niti cones as Soviet suppressed rounds might work; cheaper.

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