North Korean Small Arms, DIA 1983

Courtesy of reader Matthew, we have this DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) short overview of North Korean small arms to share with you. It’s appropriately timed, as tomorrow I am posting a video on a North Korean Type 68 pistol…

North Korean Small Arms, 7.4MB (English, 1983)


    • So the Type 73 is quite different than the Type 68, the 73 is vaguely similar to PK but it is closer to the Vz.52 LMG or maybe the Bren gun. The grenade launcher (lmao) sleeve on the Type 73 is not present on the 68, and more tellingly the sights on the 68 are not offset to accommodate the top mounted magazine. It also doesn’t look like the 73 has ladder-style sights.

  1. Funny that the DIA characterizes the European ambi butt-located mag catch as a product improvement. Author must’ve been a damn sinister like Ian.

  2. KPA infiltrators, trained as they are to commit suicide by _biting off their own tongues_ don’t need no handguns to shoot themselves…

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